Question for Scrapbookers and Cardmakers


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Where is the best place to buy supplies? What are the basics I need other than photos, scrapbooks and cards?

I have a couple of scrapbooks I bought at a used book store. They are very nice, acid free and all that jazz. I also have about 200 blank cards that can be run through the printer. I would like to make some personal cards for people for Christmas and other occasions.

I found a site called They have all sorts of stuff, not quite sure what I need in the way of glue and paper and cutters. This site offers a different % off of retail every day. Yesterday was 43% off, today is 49% off. Has anyone ever heard of them?

Thanks for the advice!

I am a HUGE card maker. I use mainly Stampin Up stuff, cause I adore the quality, the colors all coordinate and it is very user friendly. You can get alot of their stuff off of Ebay, but finding a local demonstrator is a good idea as well. Wish we lived closer. I have WAY more supplies than I could ever use.

Have fun! I love making cards, haven't gotten into scrapbooking yet, but I need to.

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I do both. I work on cards when I'm having difficulties with N*, and when she and I are getting along well, I can work on her scrapbook.

Basic supplies for either: Good adhesive (not a glue stick), a paper cutter for straight lines, and an idea book.

For cards, to get started inexpensively, it's probably a good idea to get a black ink pad, some versatile word stamps (thank you, thinking of you, happy birthday), a set of floral/nature stamps and some watercolor pencils. Stamp the floral or nature stamp on the cardstock, fill in the color with the watercolor pencils, use a wet paintbrush, and blend the colors. Voila! Homemade card. Take a look at: for some great ideas and "how to" instructions.

For scrapbooks, you can use some of the same supplies you have for cards. Include some stickers for activities that your family enjoys (and that you have photos for). Many "Creative Memories" demonstrators hold a crop for their customers and friends. Good way to get some ideas and learn new techniques.

Try the dollar stores for bargains for card stock and background paper. Many fabric stores now also sell scrapbook supplies and rubber stamps. Have fun!