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    Our development has a clause in the mortgage about a homeowner's association. The builder was supposed to be in charge.

    He now sells real estate, doesn't build, and we have no clue where the money from the 1st payment to the assn is. No idea who or what is in the association.

    One neighbor started a church from his home and moved a trailer in.

    Very much against the very loose rules. Some basic stuff, like no trailers, no more than 1 car on blocks in the yard, no cows, horses, pigs or other livestock unless theyare household pets (liek the little pigs people have).

    We have gravel roads that need repair. I guess the assn is supposed to do it?

    Can any of us jumpstart this thing? County statute says we cannot force anyone to join a homeowners assn, regardless of the mortgage clause.

    Can we make the guy move his trailer OUT? It is very much NOT in keeping with the neighborhood, but he is saying it is a church. We are pretty relaxed, but all our property values will go down if we get trailers mixed in. It just is a real estate fact here.


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    The laws are going to vary by state. In our state, if you buy into a neighborhood with an association, you are in and have to pay dues whether you like it or not. Not paying your fees can result in a lien on your property.

    I had to laugh. No more than one car on blocks. :rofl: Our homeowners association would send out letters if people put their garbage can at the curb too early or left it out there too long.

    The rules in Ohio state that the builder is in charge until a certain percentage of the neighborhood is done. At that time, it is turned over to the homeowners and a president is elected. It is also required that there is at least one meeting per year. The association can force you to do things and will take you to court and you will be responsible for all legal fees (the homeowner taken to court will be) as stated in the association bylaws.

    I would contact a company that manages properties for homeowners associations (ours contracted with management companies to actually handle money collection, maintenance and enforcement) and ask them what to do.
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    The guy who lives next door to the trailer tried to have a meeting. I couldn't go because health stuff, and husband said no one, NO ONE came, so it wasn't a meeting. We KNOW the builder took whatever monies were collected. Mostly we don't want a neighborhood assn, and don't want to deal with most of it.

    While it is written into the mortgage, there IS a county law that superseded saying that outside the city limits no homeowner can be forced to join a homeowner's assn.

    It is pretty lax here. No one wants it to be stricter. We all bought houses in the country because we wanted to do whatever the heck WE wanted, not follow some homeowner's assn. rules.

    I may have to check with an atty. The trailer is really awful.

  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    throw a bad of marijuana in his yard and call the cops -

    Him and the trailer will be out in no time flat for having drugs within 100 feet of a church.

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    What a wonderful idea. I don't live next to these people. Apparently their services really impose on the neighbors, to the point of actual animosity starting to build up. The owners had a shed, but they didn't think they needed to achor it. Well, we are in OK, home of the 80 mph wind with no warning. One day we drove by and the little shed was upside down!

    It was amusing, but not to them. They strike me as being rather fanatical about their religion. I always get the warning tinglies on the back of my neck when near people who are that zealous about their religion.

    I have very deep faith, but the fanatical way they talk makes me worried. How do these people find their way into MY neighborhood??

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    SSSSSSSSinner - they were seeking you out! lol (insert HUGE evil laugh)

    are you sure the wind blew the shed over or was it the {{{{{POWER}}}}}

    Oh I need lunch or a cracker or something. :tongue:

    Oddly enough - you didn't ask me WHERE you could get the pot! lol. :surprise:
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    I live in a COLLEGE TOWN. AND, the restaurant I worked in during college was a hippy kind of place. I am quite sure I could get it if I wanted it. Heck, a number of husband's relatives are cops. (When his grandpa was in the hospital, terminal, and chemo was kicking his tail, one of the sons (a cop) brought a brick of very good quality pot to the hospital. Staff there didn't care, so they rolled up a joint for Gramps! He hated it, but it was worth a try. COPS always have the best stuff!)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    If it's a church, it's a business. Is the property zoned residential? That should be where you start. Is he registered with the state as a non-profit? Perhaps you should talk to the Atty General office.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    How about a Wicca book club meeting on the lawn?
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    Oh, I oculd get difficult child and his little friends and we could do some "spells"!!

    When I lived in OH I first lived above a very horrible drug dealer - who was paying the cops off so they wouldn't come and bother him - an unlce with the police found proof of this!

    When I had enough, and management was too scared of him to help, I started playing on his fears. He and his girlfriend were very superstitious. I painted some gourds black, lit black candles, sprinkled spices around and chanted. My mom helped me. It was SOOOOOO much fun!! And this guy was SO afraid of me!!!!! We moved as soon as we could, but it made the interim far safer and more entertaining!

    Good idea on the Wicca stuff! Wonder if dancin around nekkid would help? It would be SCARY!! (Just kidding, not scary, but certainly startling!)