Question re. DSS & Domestic Violence

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Nov 6, 2011.

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    For you ladies who are experienced with having a difficult child in a foster home temporarily or a group home thru DSS, do you know if there are any services availabe thru dss for domestic violence issues when it's the difficult child that has gotten violent with the parent or at home? Irealize this probably varies some from state to state, I'm just asking if that is available anywhere.
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    Never had it through DSS but what insurance is difficult child going to be on when he comes out? yours, medicaid? Whichever, can you see if there are any anger management or well...why dont you call up a few domestic violence centers yourself and ask them if there are any groups available for teen boys who have acted violently against their mothers or parents. I would imagine just asking a domestic violence center would be the best resource for finding out what is available in that area. DSS might not even know. DV Centers tend to be more on the privately run basis with some local funding so they may have some groups that are very topic specific.
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    thank you, DJ! I pretty much need to decide today or tomorrow whether or not to get that attny on board that I talked with a couple of mos ago to 'help' me advocate for difficult child to get a parole plan that addresses his committing offenses a little better and for the PO to quit using emotional blackmail to try to force me into a treaatment plan that doesn't address the real issues at all, or to just toss it and tell PO to let me know when he's finished with my son and I'll try to pick up the pieces with him then. The violence, threat of violence, damaging property, and theft at home are big issues to me. I don't think anger management will help- 95% of these things didn't happen as a result of difficult child losing his temper.

    I saw difficult child today- he says they have moved his release date up and now he'll be out around Dec. 6-8th. Oh boy- I told him to tell staff there that someone best be telling PO ASAP. School records are supposed to be sent to the receiving sd 30 days prior to release and they are planning on sending them to my jurisdiction because PO had originally told me difficult child would be going to the group home here. The whole thing is a mess. This PO made rash decisions- I knew he did.