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    I have some questions regarding this format letter below. 1.) Is this the basic letter asking for testing for a child with Learning Disability (LD) assocaited with odd and other possible unknown issues? 2.) Does this go to the school's spec. ed. person or the district's spec. ed person?

    Thank you.

    CERTIFIED MAIL # ___________________


    Mr./Ms. _________________
    Special Education Director
    ________________ Independent School District
    City, State Zip Code

    RE: Name of Child ______________
    Parent referral for multidiscplinary evaluation

    Dear Mr/s. _______________________:

    Our son/daughter is experiencing academic and/or behavioral problems in school. S/he is ___ years old and attends ______ School. It is requested that Child's Name be scheduled for a Full and Initial Evaluation in conjunction with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to determine if s/he is eligible for special education and related services. It's my understanding this is a multidiscplinary evaluation.

    Your attention is directed to the attached "Parent Report." The parent document has been prepared in an effort to convey information that may assist ________ Independent School District in the evaluation process.

    It is also my understanding that there are various timelines involved in the overall IDEA process. At your earliest convenience, please forward them to me at the address below.

    We look forward to receiving an evaluation plan within 10 days of this request. It will be necessary that we receive a copy of the Full and Initial Evaluation Report together with subtest scores one week prior to the IEP meeting being scheduled. Depending on the language utilized in the report(s), for clarification purposes, it may also be necessary to schedule pre-IEP meeting(s) with the diagnostician(s) and other evaluator(s).

    This letter is parent consent for the evaluation. If additional information is needed, please contact me immediately.


    Your Name
    Telephone number

    Cc: Mr/s._____________ , ______________ISD Superintendent

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    Yes, this is a sample letter.

    If you do not have a Parent Report ready, you can edit out that paragraph and provide it to the district later. Retitle it "Parent Input."

    Do not limit testing; the sd needs to test in all areas.

    Send the letter to the District Sp Ed Director.

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