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  1. southermama3

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    How many of you talk to ur kids teachers, aides and principal through text msg?

    This made me wonder about all of you when I received a text from my 8yr difficult child's teacher. Both of my girls staff chat with me daily whether it's about school, programs, meetings or a general "how are u?" I feel my girls are truly governed by a principal that genuinely wants to see every child succeed. How normal is this?
  2. Ktllc

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    I can correspond with Partner's teacher in ANY way I wish. She always replies. I usually use paper notes in folder or e-mails... But I'm sure she would text me if it was my preferred method. I do have her cell #.
  3. InsaneCdn

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    I would consider it to be unprofessional, unless it were something like a medical emergency and they are having trouble reaching us.
    But... I'm from a very VERY conservative part of the world...
  4. buddy

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    My email comes to my phone so I have them email me instead of text. I have some cell phone numbers of staff from when they call me but I never use them. I would in an emergency but have never needed to. I would always prefer a more traditional method of communicating to keep a healthy boundary just in case. But if they need to say to me, please call thru a text, I have no problem with that.

    I think sometimes email especially texting due to the shortening up of messages, can really cause some misunderstandings. Email can too but you can create longer emails and explain more thoroughly. Email or notes have the advantage of leaving a trail/record. but in person and phone allows you to hear and/or see the non-verbals which when not there can cause misunderstandings.

    In the end do what makes you comfortable. If those are school cell phones I would for sure feel comfortable using them. (lots of people who work in multiple buildings here have those) If personal, then just like my docs. .... I have it for emergency but would never take advantage. They need a life outside of work. If you are not sure, just ask them how they feel about it... and most importantly if it bothers you in any way, then let them know which method of communication you prefer for them to use with you.
  5. AnnieO

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    HA! The only teacher I can get to communicate with me at all is sped, and she does email.

    Which I get on my phone.
  6. JJJ

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    Tiggers teacher from 5th/6th grade exchanged text messages with me. It worked great!
  7. southermama3

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    I grew up in rural wv in a single wide trailer and on welfare. My school we got paddled and my mom was never contacted unless I was near death.

    It surprises me how they are so concerned or at least that's how I feel. It honestly makes me feel so good to be on a friend level with my kids teachers. It also allows me to home in on my girls with "why did u do this today" they know I will know their behavior and they will be forced to explain.

    I'm still behind technology wise. Hence my cheapness in purchasing Internet lol.

    In wv the girls teachers never talked to me unless it was a program or meeting.