Quick! 8th psychiatric hospital stay, talk to me about switching psychiatrists please....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Last ♡ Hope, May 18, 2011.

  1. Last ♡ Hope

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    We've been with this Dr since his first psychiatric hospital stay at age four - he's six now. We've made very little progress. I've recently had a few people rec a different psychiatrist here in town. As we re-admitted him for the 8th time last night, I'd really like to make the switch now because this is just getting ridiculous. It just feels like everyone involved in his care has just run out of ideas and I'd kind of like to have some fresh eyes on him, does that make sense?

    So how do I go about doing this? I know the technical stuff like getting a referral from our PCP, but the actual changing hands business is what confuses me. Do I need to call his current psychiatrist and explain or just get things set up with the new psychiatrist and let his office go about getting records?

    Eeeks I feel like she's going to be mad or hurt or something, but I'm desperate - it's nothing personal. I'm even considering changing tdocs because she, too, just seems to rest on her laurels because she doesn't know what else to do anymore. Meanwhile we're living with a wild animal over here. In-home therapist services have been recommended but the ones who do the home based service have less training than the clinic-based docs - explain THAT to me?!? So while I think home-based would be helpful, I can't imaging giving up some 'expertise' especially since the 'expert' we see now is at a loss...
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  2. Peace Please

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    Don't be worried about what the psychiatrist and therapist are going to feel or think when you change dr's. THEY don't have to live with the child and deal with them 24/7. If what they've been doing isn't working, it's time to find new help.
  3. KTMom91

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    It seems obvious to me that something with your son's care is not working, and I would be looking for something that will. Who cares what the doctor thinks? I'd let the new doctor get the records from the old doctor...you have other things to take care of.

  4. TerryJ2

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    I agree. If you keep doing the same thing ...
  5. Last ♡ Hope

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    Well I've already called for the referral. I know our pediatrician will approve as he's willing to bend over backwards to get difficult child figured out. Eeeeks I'm so excited to have a fresh start but nervous at the same time.
  6. Last ♡ Hope

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    YES! That quote has been running through my head a lot lately, lol.
  7. pepperidge

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    And while you are getting ready, do you have a chronology written out of all the medications, docs, hospital, therapies tried etc? Sometimes typing it up in a way that docs can easily scan it can be a valuable time saver.
  8. Last ♡ Hope

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    OMG!!!!!! The new psychiatrist won't see him because they won't take transfers - not now - not ever!!!!! They suggested I go through another psychiatric clinic in town, but I've worked there with those Dr's in my past life as a nurse and NO THANK YOU. :nonono: Now what?!?
  9. Jules71

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    Oh no! I know kind of how you feel. Although we have not had psychiatric hospital stays, we are to the end of the road with our pediatrician and we already cut ties with the psychiatrist and therapist. We have very few options in our area as well. Did they say why they won't take transfers? I don't get that? Is it just a technical thing like they won't deal with the transfer of paperwork and the file? If you fire your current psychiatrist so-to-speak, then you wouldn't be a transfer you would be a new patient, right?
  10. Last ♡ Hope

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    I think it's a professional 'not-stepping-on-toes' issue since they (both clinics) are through the same hospital system, hence she referred me to the other group in town that is through the other hospital that I used to work for...

    As for firing his current psychiatrist and coming on as a new patient, IF that did work, and it might, I'm not sure - he still is booked out to the end of Aug. and I will not live under the same roof with difficult child unmedicated that long.
  11. pepperidge

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    Tell your current psychiatrist in view of the circumstances you want a second opinion because you have a complicated kiddo with dr. x--and you want a fresh set of eyes. they should be willing to do that.
  12. Last ♡ Hope

    Last ♡ Hope New Member

    Hey that's not a bad idea...
  13. SomewhereOutThere

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    Can you find another place that YOU like that maybe somebody suggests...or won't your insurance cover that?

    Have you thought about first taking him to a neuropsychologist? That's a whole different kind of doctor, but they do some awesome diagnosing and it sounds like nobody really knows what is wrong with your son yet. This is common, but very, verrrrrrrrrrry frustrating. In the case of current psychiatrist, looks like all he's doing is throwing more and more medications at him, hoping something sticks...without really knowing the problem. As per your signature, poor kid doesn't even have a diagnosis., but he's on a bunch of heavy duty medications...but why??
  14. Last ♡ Hope

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    Okay got the psychiatric hospital to arrange for the psychiatrist I was after to at least do a 'second opinion' type consult. They are gathering history for him at the psychiatric hospital right now, so hopefully if I can at least get a meeting with him I can beg him in person, maybe I can get our foot in his door without going through his staff.

    As far as a neuro-psychiatric, I have been sent paperwork to fill out and I am gathering together the info they need and once I get it sent back to them, they can schedule. They are booked out until next fall so it's going to be awhile...
  15. Steely

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    I like the second opinion idea.....keep going with that vein.
    You have to be able to do something!
    What about a psychiatrist that is outside of your immediate area? What if you had to travel 60 miles for an appointment every couple of months. No big deal, right?
    Just keep researching and digging, and something will come up.
  16. exhausted

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    Very surprized that the psychiatric hospital has not suggested you find someone new by now. Only took 2 stays for my daughter and they told us. They even made suggestions and then made the first appointments so we got in faster. Their social worker did this. Maybe they can get you into everyone?? Have you asked the team social worker? They have always been my greatest help.