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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, May 17, 2009.

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    Nice topic I know, but it's for a friend and I don't know what to tell her.

    My friend's (M1) easy child daughter (M2) is 7 and has no issues physically or mentally. M1 and I were talking last night though and M2 has been having some issues lately with pooping. It's not the going, that's fine. It's afterwards that she has an issue. According to M1 it's like after M2 goes, she doesn't.....for lack of a better term/word.....close back up and it really bothers M2. She'll be upset thinking that she still has to go (but doesn't really) and kind of freaks out a little. After about 5 or 10 minutes she feels fine and everything's ok but it's that time right after a bowel movement that is the problem. M1 was going to say something to the doctor about it during the last vist but they happened to get a male doctor and she didn't want to put M2 through an exam there by a man. But, she also wonders if it's not M2's pants putting pressure on that area. M2 is kind of inbetween sizes at the moment and we're wondering if that may be at least part of the problem.

    Keep in mind, the not closing back up part is more of a description of the feeling and not something M1 has verified by looking. Also, there isn't any kind of issues with wiping or keeping clean. It's simply the feeling. Anyone have any experience, ideas or suggestions? I told her to see if there's any kind of "signal" that shows M2 she truly is done. For example, some people urinate after they have a bm. It may not help M2 with the feeling but if there's SOME way for her to KNOW she's done, maybe she won't get so agitated about it.
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    Maybe she could try having her do some Kegel exercises? That would increase strength in the pelvic muscles -- maybe it's just a muscle tone issue... I don't know what to tell you!
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    She may be having an incomplete bm and feeling some stool put pressure on the sphincter. It could be a sign of constipation. If so, she should drink plenty of water, eat high fibrous foods such as fruits and veggies and get regular exercise.
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    I really think she should check in with her pediatrician to make sure there is no physical issue causing what's going on. Male doctor or not, your friend needs to rule out all physical causes before assuming it's just a feeling her daughter is having.
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    Is it "just" a feeling or is the residue from her BM that gets on her pants?

    Here are some thoughts:
    1. If she had a difficult stool with strain, sometimes there is a delay in the muscles resuming fully normal position. (Kinda like a hemmroid bulges but not that severe.) For this problem she needs to take something with her so she can sit "and relax" for a bit before jumpin up and heading out.
    2. It is possible that she has a small hemmroid. Ask if there is any burn or discomfort. If so have her try a little ointment (shrinks swelling) for a few days.
    3. If there is any residue or discomfort, I would suggest keeping a small container of flushable wipes in the bathroom. A couple of people in our family use them on occasion when things don't feel "just right".

    Good luck. DDD
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    It does sound like possibly constipation to me. Also a child that age often doesn't empty bowels fully, so she could be feeling the incompleteness of it.

    Certainly I would push the fibre and also the water, plus buy a packet of prunes and let her snack on them. If she's smart enough (and she sounds like she is taking this problem on board herself) tell her that this is an experiment that needs trying - to drink 6 glasses of water through the day (not all at once!) and to eat 10 prunes. If she doesn't like prunes, then try oranges. Adjust the number of pieces of fruit to her needs. For example, if husband eats half an orange he has diarrhoea. Whereas I can eat a dozen oranges at one sitting with no problems.

    And definitely mention it to the doctor, when you find someone who you both feel comfortable with. The doctor may not need to do a physical examination (and you can always refuse - just talk about it or ask for a referral to someone she is more likely to feel comfortable with).

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    It seems to be just a feeling at this point. Cleanliness isn't an issue at all. I'll tell my friend what you guys said (Thanks!) and encourage her to talk to the doctor. I don't think she's reluctant to, she just didn't want to subject her daughter to an exam without preparation.

    It may be diet related somehow as this has cropped up just recently. M2 seems to have regular bm's though and only requires help with cleaning if she's had runny stools.

    Thanks again, I'll pass the suggestions on.
  8. Here's two more cents' worth of information but don't know if it's applicable to a 7-year-old. Some people, when under stress, develop bowel problem. A woman I knew who was finishing up her dissertation, making the last plans to her wedding, and preparing for a trip to visit her future father-in-law (whom she had never met) developed a bowel problem. She said that it just always felt like she wasn't "done". Not like you feel a sense of accomplishment or something for using the toilet, but you do feel like you have finished doing something. She didn't. She would have an apparently normal bowel movement but feel like she hadn't finished. The doctors ran a bunch of tests on her (parasites, etc) and finally slapped a "it's stress" label on it. She tried a few medications, I think, which helped a little. When the trip was over, the wedding on track and the dissertation filed, it all went away. Many children develop stomach issues when they are stressed; maybe this is similar. At any rate, she really should see a doctor. Maybe the family doesn't realize how common bowel issues are.
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    Thanks RFTS, I'll pass that along too. I don't THINK there's anything going on that would cause M2 to be stressed but when you're 7 I don't suppose it takes much.