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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by troubledheart, May 27, 2009.

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    So far today, no calls or emails from the school.....hopefully there will be none. (I just called to get an update, and he is doing well today so far)

    I spoke with his therapist yesterday, he had some good suggestions for me with the psychiatrist find and I have an appointment for my kiddo on June 18th!!! Yeah!

    We went in for a lithium level this morning, so i will be interested to see those results on Monday at the Therapist office.

    I am feeling better about things today.

    I decided to keep school behavior seperated from home behavior with our rewards/consequences system. I am going to let the school handle everything for his behavior there, but he won't get in trouble at home for it (so he doesn't feel completely hated). Hopefully this doesn't back fire on me!! I just cannot deal with it anymore. So there it is.

    Hopefully we just hit a small to medium sized bump in the road and things will get better.

    FYI; I took him off of Zyrtec yesterday for allergies, that seems to coincide with his behavior changes.
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    Im glad today sounds better..dont you just dread the calls from the school?

    Hope you get the strength to be positive it is so difficult and you need to
    be in the right frame of mind always which is impossible really.
    Thinking of you.
  3. troubledheart

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    Does everyone else feel like they speak too soon????

    "Just an update. He got into trouble at lunch for taking his shoulder and shoving into another students face. He was kicked out of the gym and on the way out nearly punched a student, but stopped when a teacher directed him. He cooled off and went on his way. I hadn't heard the entire story about lunch until now. Last hour he stormed out of FCE and I searched high and low. Finally he was found sitting outside ****** room. He came to my room, very upset and again said that no one cares. He told me to shut up. I took this as a sign to let him cool off a bit more. He processed with me and I told him the next time he walks out of class without permission he will be in BIG trouble. Possible out of school, ticket, etc. It all depends. It might be worth it to call the police next time as a firm warning. How do you feel about that? He's doing well now. Processed well and is with me for the remainder of the day. "