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    Just a brief update here.

    Things are going quite well. Almost totally moved into my other place and stay away from this place as much as possible unless husband is home. I'm still waiting for the court date for the charges against the "bad neighbors" (as my daughter calls them).

    My daughter has been doing really well the last little while with very little defiance towards me. I've had her on valarian to try to help her sleep but found out she's allergic to it so I'm back to the gravol when she just can't sleep. Her and I have been spending quite a bit of quality time together because I've been teaching her how to play with my dogs (both labs) and how to train them to listen to her. I think being able to play outside with the dogs, and interact with them may have helped her quite a bit.

    As far as things with me, I'm feeling a little burnt out from all the work involved with the slow moving but it's about to end soon (end of the month). husband and I have managed to rent out one of our houses, the one I'm moving from. The extra income from that will definitely help out with the double mortgages from both houses. I'm also getting ready to start a couple home businesses hopefully in the next month or two. I'm getting ready to help husband through battling his cancer again because his PET scan has shown a couple spots. We're expecting that he'll have to take a lengthy medical leave and that he probably won't be able to go back to his job afterward. It'll be hard, but at least he'll be able to run one of my businesses once I've got it going so it'll keep him busy.

    Unfortunately I don't have internet at my other house yet, so the only time I'm able to get online is when husband is home and we're at this house. Still working on that though - I'm thinking I am an internet addict :laughing: It's so nice being able to come back here and catch up on how everyone else is doing and to be able to read up on information about other things I could be doing to help my daughter.
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    It sounds like things are getting better AND that you have maintained your "can do" attitude. I really admire your tenacity and positive thinking. Way To Go! DDD
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    So what ever happened with the bad neighbors? You sure have come through the storm! Sorry you don't have internet much - but update when you can.

    Sounds like the labs are enjoying being therapy dogs too!

    GOOD LUCK with your new businesses!
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    Sorry it's taken me a while to reply. I've been crazy busy with unrealistic deadlines on renting out my other house. My can do attitude feels like it got up and left today, but I'm sure that's just all the stress catching up to me from trying to get the house ready to be rented.

    I'm still waiting to hear from Crown Counsel about the court date for the neighbor. If I get a second to breath tomorrow I plan on calling to find out what's going on. At the moment, though, all I seem to be getting from them is dirty looks but at least they're honoring the no contact order.

    My furbabies are definitely loving being therapy dogs. I'm loving it too because they keep my daughter so busy that she ends up passing out at the end of the night:D

    I'm still waiting on my family court trial dates to come in, but I've been managing to call the court house and get bumped to the back of the list each month. Just trying to buy some time to get things organized with it, get my daughter's first day of school started, and the money saved to be able to travel to it (1100 miles away from where I'm at right now).

    My daughter's still doing great, but she's now on about how much she hates her hair. I think she's getting ready to cut it herself again, so I've found a place where I can padlock all the scissors away.

    I'm working on getting internet hooked up at my other house, so hopefully in the next week I'll be able to come online more often:D