Quite the turn of events last night

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    I am happy to say that difficult child and I will be heading to the treatment center shortly!!! She begged and pleaded to come home last night. Said she has been staying in a place with no electricity and she is tired of being cold and hungry. I stood my ground and told her she absolutely could come home after treatment. She finally agreed and I went to pick her up.
    The house they were sharing?? It was a foreclosed house - huge house - absolutely crawling with homeless teens. Saddest thing I have ever seen. Scary. She looked like death sitting outside waiting for me. Ready. At least I hope she is. She packed a suitcase last night and asked if we could stop and get a few things on the way this morning - long socks, comfy pants, etc. She is really upset about being in there while we see the family for Thanksgiving, but her main priority has to be her. Her grandpa isn't doing so well and she is praying nothing happens while she is in there, but I told her grandpa would want this more than anything else in the world. She will lose her job (she still swears she has one), but I told her there are many jobs out there and she can worry about getting another one after she takes care of herself. I even told her I would call her job and explain to her bosses and that any one would be proud of her for what she is doing and surely they would take her back after. She told me her bosses were drug addicts so probably not. Good - even better that she is getting away from that environment.
    So, did not have to bribe, just had to sit tight and wait. Less time than I imagined, too! But treatment is absolutely part of the deal if she wanted to live at home again. She is happy they are going to treat her head as well as the drug addiction.
    I will have to call her PO today and let her know. difficult child didn't go see her PO or go to her class like she was supposed to yesterday, so there is most likely a warrant out for her now. Thank God she is going into the program and now I will not have to worry about her - I will know she is somewhere safe getting the help she desperately needs!
    I have been up since 3 am - kinda making sure she didn't take off in the middle of the night. She hasn't. Time to shower and hit the road. :)
    Thank you all for your support!!! :)
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    Sending you and your daughter lots of good wishes and luck! This is what happened to my daughter. She told me "I'm so sick of myself" and she quit. She wasn't living at home at t he time and didn't go to rehab, but she walked away from drugs and has not gone back. I hope the same happens for your daughter. (((Hugs)))
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    Thank you - MW Mom!!!! She told me she was tired of living this life. I hope this is what it takes. And just in case there is any doubt on the hospital's part to admit her - I have text messages from her after she pleaded to come home saying she was going to overdose on pills and commit suicide. That ought to do it. Plus I am going to call the place she goes to for drug testing and have them send over copies of her failed drug tests just in case she happens to pass one this morning. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that this is where she needs to be. If this gets through to her, it will be the best Christmas gift ever!!
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    I am so glad that she is making this choice. What a relief for you. I hope this treatment program gives difficult child and all of you the new life that she deserves.
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    She made a good choice and I am so glad to hear that she is going. I hope that all goes well for her while she in treatment. I'm sending good thoughts for both of you.

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    Awesome. You're right--you just had to stand firm and wait for her to change her mind.
    I'm glad you kept the text msg.
    Interesting that her boss does drugs, too. Sheesh.
    This will work. She's ready.That's the main thing.
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    I am so frustrated I am just going to cry. ANOTHER acute facility. Why would you advertise yourself as a drug rehab if it is only acute care??????? Average stay 3 - 5 days!!!!!!! Sure, they have had some people as long as a month, but what in the world is this going to do??? Nothing. Been there done that. She doesn't think she has a problem. She doesn't think she needs treatment. How can you possibly take a kid that tests positive for meth and only keep them short term??? This will do NOTHING. I am so frustrated. She is not coming back here that soon. I refuse. She is just going to go back out and use again like last time. I don't know what to do. I cannot let her live here with out some kind of long term program. The intake person told me places are just not set up to be long term. That is ****! The only sliver of good news is that they did take her and they are putting her in the adult unit so she is less likely to "work" the system. But how can they possibly expect short term to do anything? HOW?? For anyone??? We cannot do "intensive" outpatient. We both work full time and I have used up every PTO I have on this girl. I spent a hundred bucks at Wal-Mart getting her sweats, socks, slippers, etc for long term rehab only to find they are not what they advertise to be! :(
    Where do I go from here??
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    I'm so sorry, PG. Sending hugs and many prayers that you're able to find a placement for her.
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    Have you checked with the Ridgeview Institute in Atlanta? They are a long-term treatment facility and I believe they also do psychiatric. It would be worth a shot. If that won't work, ask them for suggestions. Hope this helps.
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    I just checked it out - it is the same type of place she is in now. But, thank you. I did a little more research on these acute centers. Seems they take them in, detox and stabilize them and then decide where to go from there. They should be referring her to a long term rehab after this. I honestly can't see why they wouldn't. But, sheesh, I could have just as easily got a referral from the place she goes to for her "class" once a week. Though, I have not been able to get a hold of him and am now told he will not be in until Monday. If not, then what? Rinse, lather, repeat until she is 18? I mean, I will if that is what it takes. Should be annoying for her to keep being admitted after every failed drug test, no? I mean, she would have to get a referral eventually!
    At least I know where she is and that she is safe and hopefully something they say sinks in. Perhaps having to spend her birthday in the hospital will wake her up a little. They did place her in the adult dual diagnosis unit with my permission since she is 17 in two days and has her GED. They said it was more serious of a program and more of a wake up call. That she would be less apt to go in, take over the group and "work" the system. I did like that very much - almost like they saw through her instantly. :)
    Feeling a little better - I have done all I can do, right?
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    Can you call the local emergency room and see if the doctor on call has any suggestions? What about her doctor? Can they recommend somewhere for her to go?

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    The nurse just called with the list of medications for approval. The only thing out of the ordinary is Zyprexa. Any one have experience with this one? They said they were giving it to her for agitation. I didn't know there was a pill for that! I would have requested that eons ago!!

    husband and I did agree on an action plan. If they discharge her back to home, she will be tested twice a week and if she tests positive, she goes straight back and is admitted again. I will keep doing this until she is 18 or I am sure she is clean for good. Eventually, she will tire of going back or they will refer her to long term treatment.

    I am going through her entire bedroom now. I am cleaning it out and fumigating it.
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    :bravo:Good for you. That kind of determination will get you a long ways. You go girl!!
  14. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Zyprexa is an atypical antipsychotic. The following is from Wikipedia:

    Off-label uses:

    Case-reports, open-label, and small pilot studies suggest efficacy of olanzapine for the treatment of some anxiety spectrum disorders (e.g. generalized anxiety disorder,[10] panic disorder,[11] post-traumatic stress disorder);[12] however, olanzapine has not been rigorously evaluated in randomized, placebo-controlled trials for this use and is not FDA approved for these indications. Other common off-label uses of olanzapine include the treatment of eating disorders (e.g. anorexia nervosa) and as an adjunctive treatment for major depressive disorder without psychotic features. It has also been used for Tourette syndrome and stuttering.[13] Olanzapine is also used in many addiction clinics as a sleep aid (usually 2.5–5 mg) due to its low abuse profile and zero addictive properties.[14]
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    My daughter has been on Zyprexa for four years. As 3S wrote, it is an atypical antipsychotic typically prescribed for the treatment of hallucinations and mania associated with bipolar disorder, but it can also be effective for raging, agitation and anxiety. My daughter has been taking it for an eating disorder, and it has helped tremendously with her distorted thinking around a choking phobia. It generally works quite quickly so you should see results within a few days if the dosing is decent for her body weight.
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    Cleaning out her room, I found a meth pipe hidden and another broken one. There was also a mirror with burn marks on it? Had to be something seriously hot because it warped the glass and everything. I am sick. She needs LONG term treatment. She absolutely, positively cannot come back here any time soon. No way. She is very, very ill and needs serious help. I will fight tooth and nail to get it.
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    Been online all morning looking for long term residential substance abuse treatment. Not an easy task - especially when trying to find one that takes private insurance. My goodness! And really, what is with all of these outpatient programs??? Do they really think they are going to work?? I know for a fact they wouldn't with her - she would go there during the day and then go party at night. Waste of time.

    I did find some thanks to a website some one posted here a long time ago and have contacted them. Pray for us. She absolutely needs to go to a long term treatment facility.

    Another thing I really like about where she is - she has not called me since being admitted. The last time we had her admitted into a facility like this, she conned the nurses into letting her call me several times and each time was a crying difficult child begging to come home. So, either they are not allowing her to make phone calls, or she is choosing not to call. Either way, I am very appreciative. No mommy guilt.

    She says he doesn't have a problem. Says she doesn't need treatment but she agreed to go and didn't fight it at all. When I went into her room yesterday there was paraphenallia laying out in plain view on her bed in a back pack - lithium batteries and butane lighters. I told her I would be cleaning out every nook and cranny of her room. You would think she would have made some effort to hide these things or get rid of them, no? Maybe it was a cry for help and she just won't admit it? Am I wrong to have a sliver of hope that she actually wants to stop? Or am I fooling myself?

    And yes, I am aware lithium batteries are used in the production of meth. I found nothing else in her room indicating that she was actually producing it. At least not here. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, though, that she does know some one that is making it and perhaps her part was gathering the batteries? Would explain why she never had to buy it (she claims she is not an addict because she doesn't buy the stuff. Yeah honey, you are still an addict.) Ugh. I am totally and completely sick to my stomach. :(