Quitting smoking RX?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Nov 28, 2007.

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    A few months ago someone talked about taking a medication that was making it easy for him to quit smoking. I have a friend with good insurance who wants to quit in the new year. I'd like to have some information to give him. Does anyone have any stories about quitting with some of the newer medications or aids?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Chantrix is the new drug. So far, it's the only thing I haven't tried and if I ever get medical insurance again, I'm going to try it. Sadly, nothing has worked to get me to quit yet -- I used the patch and still smoked (stupid and dangerous), I tried the gum and threw up, I tried hypnosis but couldn't be put under, my fear of needles got in the way of acupuncture, cold turkey worked until I really really REALLY wanted a ciggie, tapering was a total joke. However, I have gone from 2 packs a day to 1/2 pack by just not allowing myself to have a ciggie every time I want one and only taking a few puffs and then stubbing the ciggie. I hope your friend succeeds.
  3. I successfully quit with this new drug. (Champix here in Canada) You're lucky if your plan covers the cost. Ours didn't but the benefits of quitting were so worth paying out of pocket. At any rate, both my husband and I took the drug and we are now smoke free for over one month. Yes, we have a little bit of withdrawal but hardly anything compared to the other ways that we have tried to quit. The pills may make you sick to your stomach whenever you smoke but the results are worth it. Stick to the plan and you will do it. These pills are meant to target the pleasure sensors in your brain so that smoking becomes undesirable. When we last spoke with husband's doctor, he told us that out of 24 people that it was prescribed to, 22 were successful in quitting. Good luck to your friend. He/she should start on the medication soon as it is something that you take while you are still smoking. Then you quit when your body doesn't want it anymore.
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    I took the Chantix and have been smoke free for a little over a month.

    I actually stopped taking it, though I still have a lot left. I stopped because I didn't feel a really strong pull to smoke and I didn't like the side effects of the medication. I haven't ever been a really big smoker and I've been off the medication for 2 weeks now and I'm doing fine.

    I think a strong smoker would probably have to finish the script. My sister used it and she was a strong smoker and it was successful for her but only if she kept taking the script. Once she stopped, her cravings came back full force - so I think it depends on the person. She's still not smoking, but it's been difficult for her.

    I definitely think it's worth the money if they can afford to pay out of pocket. With my insurance the co-pay for the entire weeks (which I think is 12) cost me $80.
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    DF a smoker for 40 years - started Chantix two and a half weeks ago. Despite the nausea and now hacking he's quit for 2 weeks. Our den has NEVER had a smoke free day - it's wonderful.

    I will note that there is NO WAY he could have quit smoking with our difficult child in the house. Just too much stress. (so says he)

    But I am very proud of him.

    If you are trying to cut back - go to a health food store and order some NATURAL licorice root. It helped me quit the second time - and what finally did it for me was the DARE program. My son was so worried that my lungs were black like tires, and I would die leaving him all alone in the world.

    When a kid with eyes like that cat in Shreck looks at you and says "Please stop Mommy, I don't want you to die, who would be my mom?" YOU quit. I nailed the pack to the wall and that's been almost 7 years ago.

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    Thanks, all. I knew I could count on you! KC, JoG, and Starbie, can you tell me how many days the doctor wrote the RX for? Isn't it so that you take it and set a quit date, then keep taking it for a while?

    Starbie, the hacking is a part of the quitting. So is the sloughing off of the tongue (yuck!) and other yucky things. If your Dad has gotten that far, he's nearly done, or should be. I hope everyone keeps up the good work!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    Um...my Dad passed away almost 8 years ago from smoking - it's my DF that is trying to hack his way into the coughers hall of fame.

    When you said that thing about a sloughing tongue? I thought of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow when he sticks his tongue out and makes a face -

    It will be nice to kiss a pair of sexy lips and NOT an ashtray.

    (it's okay about the dad thing I know you're under undue stress)