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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by GuideMe, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Hey ya'll,

    So as you know, I picked up smoking again a little over a month ago. On Friday night, I felt like I was having breathing problems/asthma attack and went to the hospital to go get checked. It was scary, but all was ok. I through out the ciggs earlier that day but that attack sealed the deal on me never buying a pack again. So since Friday morning, I haven't had one cigarette. All the poison and stuff I am spitting up is grotesque to say the least but it does feel good coming out. I think I may even try to lose a little weight this month...see how that goes. I am going to try the baby food diet (the jars of baby food) , what do you think?
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    Go easy on yourself. Don't worry about losing weight right now, put your efforts into getting healthy. Don't count calories... but do ensure that everything you eat is healthy. It will help you heal. If you gain a couple more pounds in the process, it does not matter. Losing weight can be stressful. Quitting smoking IS stressful. Tackle one at a time...

    We're behind you.
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    Yeah you're right, I will do it just that way and thank you so much.
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    Thank you so much RE. I'm trying my best. I realized a little while ago I will always be an addict when it comes to cigarettes. If cigarettes were illegal, I'd probably be in and out of jail and in rehabs my entire life. It's very sad, I know, but I LOVE smoking even though a big part of me is disgusted by it. Smoking is ingrained in my DNA. My mom smoked with me her entire pregnancy and always smoked around me, along with my grandparents as well. This will be a huge battle for me through my entire life. The good part is, I am able to quit for months, even years at a time. The longest I stopped smoking for was well over 3 years. If you count all the in between times I quit as well, you can safely add another 3 years onto that.
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    Main thing right now is to try to eat healthy and avoid binge eating. My biggest issue on weight loss has been portion control. We did Weight Watchers for several years and that worked great until life happened!
    And who is the jerk who decides portion sizes anyway?!?! Have you seen what they consider to be an actual serving size of ice cream (its own food group by the way!)?!?!?! Insulting!

    Just for the record, getting a sinus infection and bronchitis at the same time seems fairly effective for the whole quitting smoking thing.