Radio Silence.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
I am relishing in the pleasure of sleeping a solid nights sleep. I am enjoying the silence of the morning, even the dogs are still asleep as is husband.
I am enjoying the silence, there is no chaos, well if there is it is not on my radar.

I am mentally packing for the cottage and soon better get at it in real time. We have decided to go tech free for a few days as well.

Son is silent no communication once he got what he needed from us. When he was last out and couch surfing I hovered and checked for texts and sent him a few every day. Not his time. Using my CBT tool kit and changing the dynamic.
I am not saying it's easy but I am doing in.

When I get all in a tither about the what ifs and how is he going to Cope, get, do.... I stop breath and remind myself not my circus not my monkey.

Stay well friends and thank you for my sanity, all be it that it may only be temporary.


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Glad to hear you are able to just sit in the feelings... such a big step. Being able to not constantly text or worry is a move forward in this crazy journey we are on with our addicted kids.

I am away right now visiting my sister and her family and have no way of communicating with my son as I don't have cell service here in the US... we live in Canada. It's actually freeing to know I can't check up on him. He is on his own again but usually needs something (food or a drive) from me almost daily.

I find I am actually getting better at detaching at this point. My husband is having a harder time right at the moment but more around depression. He is finally letting his guard down I think... he has been the strong one for years and I think he has born the brunt of it for me in some ways. I worry for him.

I'm so glad you are doing better. Take care xoxo