Rain Delay Theater- Great Laugh!

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    husband works as event staff for the university athletics. He works almost every athletic event and is one of the most requested staff members for the staffing company. He wears different light up necklaces etc... for holidays (xmas bulbs that light up, blinking shamrock, etc....) and the crowds love him.

    Last night's baseball game was rained out. We had a huge angry storm him - bad enough that our Walmart lost power completely twice and it stayed off in the frozen section (J and I were there). Both baseball teams were going stir crazy so they amused themselves. They are on film dancing, doing other goofy things, and even playing Army. They put on their batting helmts and ran out with their bats held like machine guns, lol.

    husband kept laughing about how these big college guys, who are having a good year, were like a bunch of five or six yo's playing army men. It was cute

    OSU Athletics caught it on camera and it is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fApBSBXsISA&list=UUiPbE1TBmEfgUWcQJUztxrQ&index=1