ran from tdocs office and is now in psychiatric hospital

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Christy, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Christy

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    It's been a long couple of days...

    As you know, difficult child has been running away when he becomes upset. We had the police involved a few times. I thought things were getting better until this happened. On Wednesday at 11:00 we went to his regular therapist appointment. There he became upset over something that should have been very minor (he was asked to put down a paper airplane he had made because he was ignoring the therapist. He wanted it back and was told he would have to wait until after the session) He starting throwing things, knocking over chairs and ran out of the office, out of the building, and up an embankment onto the interstate. He could have easily been killed because he was moving on pure adrenaline and not giving a thought to safety. Then we lost sight of him due to the high weeds and trees on the embankment. Finally he came out of the brush and came back down the hill. The therapist filled out a petition for psychological evaluation with a police officer. We were taken by ambulance to Frederick Hospital, the police officer followed and checked him in. Not that I was arguing because I know how unsafe he was being (although now he was calm), the evaluation was not optional. The officer left Nick in my care which meant I was not allowed to leave him alone (not that I would have). We waited 3 hours in the waiting area, Another 6 and 1/2 hours in a regular emergency room cubicle and then at 9:30 PM he was seen by the psychiatric nurse. I was calling husband and updating him during all this but told him not to come because all we were doing was waiting. In the ER area a nurse brought him a sandwich and some applesauce but that is all he had to eat since breakfast. He had also missed his evening medications because we were still waiting and I did not have them. So at this point difficult child was absolutely out of control, psychiatric nurse ordered his medications and seemed upset that the ER nurse hadn't already done it, she recommended having him treated inpatient and they started working on getting him admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Our insurance will not do admissions at night so he (and I) were required to spend the night at the hospital. After his medications and a plate of crackers, peanut butter, and a muffin that the nurse managed to find, difficult child settled and went to sleep. I slept in a lounge chair next to him. He slept well at this point, wish I could say the same-lol. The next moring he was taken by ambulance to psychiatric hospital. I had husband pack a bag and we followed the ambulance out there. The hope is that they will get him stabalized on his medicine while he's there. husband and I are not all that optimistic since we have been down this road before but this is a different place and doctor so maybe he will have new insights and at least he is in a safe place for the moment. I go today at 12:30 to meet with the social worker there and will visit with difficult child. I'll keep you updated.

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    Gently hugs to you and your family. Perhaps with having a new doctor looking over difficult child you will get some different insight.

    I know you have been down this road before and it is a very difficult time. Take care of yourself and I hope something good will come out of this for your difficult child.
  3. susiestar

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    Sending prayers and gentle hugs. I hope the new doctor and staff will help figure out a way to help difficult child. Somehow they have to get through to him because the running is so unsafe. It also is a HUGE signal that something is wrong, in my opinion. Maybe a signal of severe mania? I don't know, just a sign of something.

    BIG hugs to you and husband, this is much harder on parents than on kids, in my opinion.
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    What a long day/night you have had. I remember a few of those myself, it is absolutely exhausting. My Oldest did the same thing once, in therapist's office, ran out and to the road ... police were called ... she was admitted to hospital. I hope you get some rest, now that difficult child is safe.
  5. Big Hugs! I hope that the new doctor and new psychiatric hospital will be good. It's so scary having him run that way. Good luck with the appointment today.

  6. witzend

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    What a dreadful day for everyone! It was good that the therapist was the one he decided to take it out on. But how difficult that it took so long to admit. The hoops we all jump through are amazing and ridiculous.
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    I'm glad he didn't get hurt. I am hopeful that a new set of eyes and ears will find something that is more helpful for him. Rest and take care of yourself.
  8. Christy

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    Thanks Everyone!

    While the situation is not good, we are happy to have difficult child safe and will use the time to recharge. I do think he is very manic right now. I hope insurance will let him stay long enough for a medication adjustment/change and a chance to observe how it is going.

  9. KTMom91

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    Sending hugs and some extra strength. So glad he wasn't hurt.
  10. Steely

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    Christy, my difficult child went through a period of time where he ran as well. It was horrible, and frightening. In hindsight he was completely manic.

    I know it seems hopeless, but he is young. There is still lot's of hope. He has lot's of maturing and growing to do - and there are lot's of medication options and combos probably never tried.

    FWIW, Trilpetal made my son more manic than he has ever been in his life. While on Trilpetal he went into a manic/psychotic rage and busted out our house windows, and smashed the car windshield with a brick. He was in phosph immediately, and Trileptal was d/c'd immediately. That is not the norm, but my point is that any medication can cause the opposite reaction in which it was intended. I have also heard that Clonidine can cause mania - however - that has been an awesome medication for us.

    Big hugs for all you are going through. I know how hard it is. It really will get better, somehow, someway.
  11. Christy

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    Good point Steely,
    He does have a lot of maturing to do. I do hope this stage will pass. The running is more like fleeing a stressful situation than a deliberate thing so I hope as he gets better at using his coping skills we will stop. You make an interesting point about the trileptal, it makes me wonder as that is the medication the psychiatrist wasgradually increasing. Something to consider.
  12. Andy

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    Oh Christy, what a horrid week this has been for you and difficult child. I so hope the psychiatric hospital can find a new medication for him. They should also be working on specific coping skills that they will share with you. Hang in there, stay strong.