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    You never know when that random act of kindness will be the lift that someone truly NEEDS. I was waiting for a store to open this morning and there was a mom with the most adorable, sweet little girl. We had stopped to get donuts for J and T (NOT for me today, even the smell made me sick!) and I picked up a few extra because husband had to work all day and would enjoy them tomorrow morning with his coffee. The little girl was so sweet, and the mom seemed really tired.

    So I pulled the mom aside to ask her something. I just asked if she could step a little away from her little girl so I could ask soemthing. I had NO idea she thought I was going to complain about her daughter - the little girl was very well behaved. I said we had stopped to get doughnuts (a rare treat here) and could I give her little girl a choc donut? even told her I wanted her to step away bc Mom's should have the right to say no if they need to with-o a kid getting all upset. She said yes and I brought 2 donuts in - one for her and one for the little girl. husband and J and T don't need the sugar anyway.

    As we shopped she told J a bit about herself. Seems her baby's daddy just left town recently - with her twin sister! Her twin lives in another state and met this guy at her hotel. thought he was from her town because he said he was there on business. Sis sent a photo of her new man and shocked her clean out of her mind! Then the twin sis got him FIRED because his co is about family values and they didn't take kindly to the guy leaving his baby and running off with the mom's twin. Esp when they learned that his mother didn't know she was a Grandma!!

    The lady contacted her baby's gma after she realized that this man had denied his daughter's existence to her sister. She said his mom was "just like Annie Camden" meaning the mom on that old show 7th Heaven! This lady MET her grandchild and was told her son was babysitting his roommate's child!!! How low is THAT?????

    Seems my donuts were the first nice thing to happen out of the blue for a very long time to her. She was almost in tears over 2 donuts and over not being asked in front of her kid. I had NO idea that it would mean that much to her. Her little girl just seemed so sweet and well behaved that I wanted to give her a treat.

    One of the best things we can do is just reach out to someone else for no reason. I wonder how many random acts of kindness we could do through the month of May? I am going to challenge myself.
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    Very Sweet. Often the smallest things make the biggest impact.

    I have an act to report - one that was done to me this afternoon. Your post couldn't have been more timely. So, two of the three washer/dryers in easy child's building have been on the fritz for a couple weeks. That leaves just one machine (stackable) for 10 apartments. (Sidebar - we own the building and contracted a laundry leasing company to install two full size coin washers and 2 dryers on Friday afternoon - previously they were free). Ok, so easy child is busy. She works 35-45 hours a week as a nanny and also goes to school part time to be a Special Education teacher as well as doing 20 hours of classroom observation the last three weeks. She hasn't have a lot of time to do single loads of all her laundry. She's been doing just what was needed and has accumulated quite a lot of laundry.

    So this morning I told her that I would help her if she wanted to bring everything that needed washing to our neighborhood laundrymat. difficult child and his bud were going to see The Avengers this afternoon and I told her we would be able to get it done during that time frame since we could do it all at one time. So, we load up three huge industrial washers and headed over to the convenience store next store for coffee. We go back to the laundry mat and sit outside at a little table they have.

    A car pulls up and a man gets out. He walks up to us and asks, "How has your day been going?"

    I said, "Alright, how about yours?"

    He reaches in his pocket, pulls out his wallet and says, "Hopefully this will make the rest of day better", and proceeds to place a $100 bill down on the table in front of me.

    I was speechless for a few seconds and then looked up and said, "Really?"

    He smiled, walked back to his car, got in and, as he was driving past on his way out of the parking lot, he rolled his window down and said, "Remember, God is good."

    easy child and I were speechless. We just sat there for a couple minutes looking at each other.

    We've decided to pay it forward when the moment presents itself.

    Talk about a random act of kindness......

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    I am LOVING this! :D Absolutely LOVING it! What a great thing for MAY. Warrior Mom's unite. Instead of Mother's Day, we can turn it into MOTHER's MAY???? Sounds lovely to me and I would like it to continue. My inspiration came from a project a gentleman did, besides the original pay it forward movie, which you can find here. You have to read the initial project as that year came and went and now he has branched off into new ventures springboarded.

    Way to go warrior moms!
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    Sharon that is unbelievable! I know Richmond is a lovely town and Southerner's are kind people, that is really being nice! He didnt look like Donald Trump did he? LOL
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    What a wonderful idea!!
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    Love it.

    Wonderful. :)

    I have a friend who if she sees anyone she knows walking, she'll pull to the curb and ask them if they need a ride somewhere. Doesn't matter who it is or how far they need to go or if it's out of her way. And this is a small town, so she knows just about everyone. I asked her why she does it and she told me it was because she spent many years walking to and from work or to the store, often very long distances in really awful weather and no one ever once offered her a ride.
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    This is such a coincidence that I had to share it. I'm sitting here with my radio on reading these posts and a song came on that caught my ear. I found a clip of it and decided to share it with all of you. It's to coincidental to be a coincidence, Know what I mean????

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    Thats been one of my favorite songs for a long time but then all those type of country songs are. Country songs really tell stories well.
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    Janet, he was probably ten years younger than my 52 years; slightly bald/partically grey, african american, drove a modest car, dressed in jeans and a tshirt... nothing that would make you say, "Wealthy!"

    You know, I was talking to my cousin about it last night and she reminded me about a man here in the city who, for years and years, would randomly give out $100 bills. He passed away about 15 months ago - I'm talking he did this for 40 years or more. No one knew who he was until he passed. Wonder if this gentleman is carrying on the mission?

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    I think the idea of a Mother's May is great! Wouldn't it be neat if we could spread this to a nationwide thing?
  11. Star*

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    SUsie -

    Your random act was the most lovely thing I've heard someone do recently - and to make her smile was the greatest payment ever!! You're heart is ten times too large - YOU ARE A WONDERFUL WARRIOR MOM. It was the love that went with the act that made her cry.....and the fact that someone noticed and cared.

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    Hi there,

    I have a random act of kindness that I was allowed to do today ...

    I recently started training at a coffee place (I won't name it) - and I today we learned how to make Mocha Frappaccinos .... we are shown by the Manager how to make them (he demonstrates twice - and then we sample them to see what they taste like).

    Then my colleague and I have to make three of them each - explaining to the Manager at each step what we are doing and why (we could have consumed our own but didn't need ANOTHER ONE as we had only just had the one that the Manager made for us - obviously we didn't need to sample the ones that WE made) .... anyway I was pretty shocked at the fact that despite the fact that they were perfectly made - the Manager told us we should just tip them in to the sink. Thinking that that would be such as waste I asked him if we could find random customers outside the store - and accost them with a free frappacino. He said yes .... well, you should have seen the smiles of delight when we went out and offered these fullsized drinks for nothing .... lovely lovely feeling :)

    We might even get new customers as a result - as they had never tried them before - and loved the flavour :)
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    Oh, these are great! I have one.

    Yesterday was my first time doing REAL yard work in two years, I'm talking hard and sweaty, but oh so satisfying at the end of the day. Midday I ran to walmart for some soil for the gardens I was making. While standing in line I spotted this woman eyeing the hostas. After a while, she stood behind me in line. I was a bit nervous to ask her because you just never know how some people will respond, but I asked her, "are you interested in hostas?" and she said yes but that she didn't want to buy them. I then told her, "I have some I'd like to get rid of but I hate just throwing them onto the compost heap. If you want them they are yours, but you have to dig them out because I can't", and her whole face lit up. She stuck out her hand and introduced herself, asked where I lived and said she would be over in an hour. I helped her load ten of them into her car (these will create 40 plants after she divides them!) and it occurred to me that I have never ever paid for a hosta plant...I was paying it forward! I got all my hostas from my neighbor and have just divided them up over the years...I have at least 100 of them around my yard. Made me feel so good to help her out and she helped me out by clearing them away so I could see my stone wall again! Before she left, she handed me a bag of marigold seeds! It was the coolest exchange ever! easy child was once again shocked at how I make friends with perfect strangers, lol.

    Maybe not as heartwarming as the donut and the sweet little girl, but this made my day!
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    Holy cow! You picked the right person. That is so neat. Sad, sad story.