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    Random acts of kindness are totally wonderful, but sometimes the act goes past that and just melts you.

    I was waiting for the lab after my doctor appointment yesterday and there were two adorable 2yo boys playing in the waiting room with 2 toy trucks. I thought they were related because of the way they were sharing. One boy was called before the other one and the boy left waiting was very upset. He cried and cried and cried. His dad was awesome with him but could only do stuff. When the first boy came out, he went to his crying friend and gave him a hug. It was the type of thing that the phrase "heart warming"was invented for.

    As the leaving family waited for the elevator, the first boy's dad held out one of the toy trucks and offered it to the dad of the upset little boy. While the toy was refused at first, the other father asked him to please take the truck as they were overloaded with that exact same truck at home. The toy was accepted and it was nice to see the boys were both so happy.

    Given some problems this week, I so TOTALLY needed to see this!
  2. buddy

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    Isn't it nice to see people being kind to eachother?
    The radio station I listen to has a drive thru difference on Fridays. People pay for a drink or meal for the people behind them and sometimes ask the worker to give a note saying something nice and the radio station phone # is listed. (Marketing but still nice) the people receiving sometimes call to say how it turned their day around. Just makes you smile.
    Q came home from an activity and said some lady gave him a quarter when he didn't have enough for tax and he said, " that was really nice of her, right mom?" The next week he gave a child some tokens at chuck e cheese.

    People don't realize how little random acts keep on giving .....
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    That really is sweet and it makes it even sweeter that a Dad read the signals and responded in such an appropriate way! DDD
  4. Hound dog

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    That is more than just heart warming......it goes deeper.

    But we're at a place in time when random acts of kindness are really needed to remind us of our humanity, to be humble.......and I had something else but I've had one gulp of coffee so the words just frittered away.

    This doesn't quite fall under random acts of kindness I don't think.......but did have another unusual experience with Maggie during her walk last night. We walk basically the same route daily, only thing that varies is the length of the walk depending on weather and to prevent her from getting bored. On our way home we pass the catholic church as well as the methodist church next to it. Yesterday they were having a fish dinner. I'd forgotten all about it. But that meant lots of people as their dinners are open to the public too and they are known to have good cooks. We started passing by as usual. I did notice a little boy about 2-3 who's eyes lit up when he spotted Maggie. He was with a group of people near the church doors which was several feet from the sidewalk so I didn't think too much other than he was cute. We kept walking. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Maggie was drawing a LOT of attention from the folks standing around. So I turned around and looked. The little toddler was trying his hardest to catch up with Maggie who, the moment I hesitated and turned around, was trying to get to him. So I stopped and let them meet. The little boy had no fear whatsoever although maggie was taller than him. He giggled as he petted her and asked her name. He chanted Maggie all the way back to his parents/grandparents.....just beaming with delight. I was surpirsed they let the little guy chase after Maggie, after all they didn't know her or how she would react to him...

    I think to myself, what a sweet moment and a good experience for Maggie. Then we start walking again. We approach another group of people. Next thing I know there are people who can't wait to give Maggie lovies. They're petting and cooing at her and making all over her. She is, of course, eating it up and being her sweet self. The people were laughing and carrying on to the point I wasn't sure we'd be able to finish the walk. lol

    There is something about Maggie that seems to do this to people. I used to think it was because she was a adorable puppy. But she's nearly full grown and while pretty......not puppy anymore. They still react that way to her. Something about her cheers them up and makes them feel good. I've had/walked an awful lot of dogs in my nearly 50 yrs on this planet.....and awful lot of cute ones, sweet ones ect...but never has one had such an effect on people as does Maggie. Such moments never fail to make my day.
  5. DDD

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    That's lovely, Lisa. We live in an aging community with alot of nursing homes etc. Most of them have a resident dog who roams the halls stopping next to wheelchairs. Sweet dogs bring alot of joy. DDD
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    Lisa, that is so special. JJ has that effect too. There is a boy about 15 at the rehab place Q goes to for his support group. This boy is not in the group but I see him and his mom every time. He always looks at JJ but you can tell he is timid. After three weeks of just reaching out then pulling back, JJ (who will jump up on a wheel chair to be petted if invited...and people LOVE that) just sat sweetly and gave a little lick. He seems to match the energy of those around him often times.

    His mom told me he is very nervous around dogs. I had given him permission. By the end of about twenty minutes, he was petting JJ all over and his mom was amazed. She told him he was a special dog meant to help kids who are afraid of dogs (not true formally, but I do think God has that in the plan, lol). It was such a lovely feeling. I told him he can pet JJ every week if he feels like it. He was so happy.

    My cousin's daughter (age five) is petrified of dogs. JJ is the one and only dog she will pet. She even gave him treats and let him lick her. My cousin was in tears. It is so magical to see what a little act, even from an animal can do to affect people's lives. It makes my heart lighter too.
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    I really like the drive thru difference Friday idea. I try to do little things when/where I can. Dogs embody the idea and meaning of random acts of kindness. No matter what is wrong, a dog is usually willing to do whatever he can to make you feel better. There is a line that is tacked on a lot of dog pictures online that says "A dog is the only being willing to put your happiness above his own." There is a whole lot of truth in that phrase, even if it is plastered all over the internet.

    Maggie and JJ are both so special. It always amazed me that many dogs just know how to approach in the best way regardless of whether or not they have met the person.
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    People who have random acts of kindness done to them remember for a very long time. Such small acts can make such a difference. Once around Christmastime in Toys-R-Us I didn't have the last few dollars I needed and had to put back mymatchbox cars. This was solong ago. After I was done, the lady behind me told me to wait a second and she paid for my $5 matchbox cars. I was so surpised andthankful to her. All these years later I still remember this random act. I really do try to be kind all the time. A smile can make someone's day I think.