Random Phone Calls from Aubrey

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    I got one yesterday. (it's 2am so not memorial day anymore)

    Aubrey: Hello Nana!

    Me: Hello Aubrey (she caught me in the middle of cleaning out the pantry)

    Aubrey: I just wanted to call you, so I got my Mommy's phone and called you all by myself!

    Me: You're a big girl now. So did you miss me?

    Aubrey: Yeah, I missed you. And I wanted to tell you somethin'. So I got Mommy's phone so I could call you and talk to you. Cuz I'm 5 now and I'm grown up and I can do stuff like that now.

    Me: (trying hard not to laugh out loud) Yes, you're growing up fast.

    Aubrey: Hey Nana, you know what? Guess what?

    Me: What?

    Aubrey: Today is a holiday. And you know what you're supposed to do for this holiday?

    Me: What are you supposed to do for this holiday? (while I'm trying to remember which holiday it is lol)

    Aubrey: Well, on this holiday we're supposed to remember all the people we loved who went to heaven. Because they're in heaven, they're very special. So we gots this day to remember them so we never forget. That way they know we always love them. That's why today is such a special holiday.

    Me: Yes, you have it right. You're very smart.

    Aubrey: And guess what Nana? I miss you very much. I want to come to (our town) but I'm up here in dayton and I live here so I got to stay here. But I want to live there again.

    Me: I miss you too. But now it's summer and you'll be able to come down and visit more often.

    Aubrey: When Darrin comes stays at your house will you let him call me? (I did this once and neither of them have ever forgotten it) And when I come visit can Darrin come over and play? I miss him Nana.

    Me: I promise when Darrin comes over he can call you and when you visit he can come and play.

    Aubrey: Thanks Nana. I love you. Miss you. Bye!

    While parts of that were funny and cute to see how a 5 yr old's mind works. Other parts tugged at my heart strings. What is bad was she just spent sunday here, most of the day playing with Darrin at easy child's house. Saturday she spent with her other grandparents and slept over.

    She calls me everyday. Sometimes Mommy knows about it, but just as often she doesn't. She didn't know Aubrey had called me while she was cleaning. She misses her family, the family she's been very close to since the day she was born. Poor kid. School helped......but now she's on break. I'm going to take her several times over the summer. And yes I'll either walk her over to easy child's to play with the boys or have them come over here. In some ways it helps, but in others it just makes it worse, makes her more homesick. I tell myself in time she'll adjust.
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    Ohhh, what a sweetie! She's adorable. And so happy.