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    I hurt my wrist reaching for my seat belt a couple of weeks ago - the Dr thinks that I tore the cartilage in my wrist, outer side near the bone. It really REALLY hurts. I've been wearing a brace, but then it hurts in a different kind of way. If it's not better in 2 weeks, they may want to perform surgery to clean out the damage. Ugh. I hope it gets better. Everytime I move it the wrong way, it hurts like new again!! Typing doesn't help.

    I have had really bad allergies this past week - anyone else? I blew my nose so much I have a giant sore on the right side. It is soooo unsightly. Hahaha. One word: Claritin. It works for me.

    I bought a steam mop from Bissel. I love it. It uses only water, no chemicals, and it does a fantastic job! Everyone should get one.

    We are going white water rafting in WV again the first weekend in October and this time everyone is coming with us, including extended family. Can't wait! We have rented a cabin that sleeps 6 for us (4) and the two boyfriend's. It will be our last hurrah for summer, but H and I are hoping we can slip away for a weekend down in RI together. Work has been difficult for him, so he's really struggling with finances; we shall see.

    My home computer crashed - it's costing me $487 to have it fixed. I almost want to just give it to difficult child and buy myself my own laptop - I think it's all the crud she downloads on there...viruses everywhere. But the guy who fixed it has given me a lifetime warranty to call him anytime between 8AM and 11PM for any reason at all to fix it for free from now on. Maybe he knows something I don't know? Like it is going to die for good shortly??

    I joined weight watchers. I do my best on WW and so I want to lose these stupid 15 lbs already. I don't know what it is, but I do better dieting in the fall. All summer I couldn't care less and well, I've ballooned a bit. I know I'm not fat, but I want to be comfortable in my cooler weather clothes.

    Sophie continues to be well - her hair is nice and fluffy and full, her appetite is normal, she's not eating anymore poop, and she's gained back almost all of her weight. She's mellower now, but she's also 8 now, so maybe she's lost her puppiness a bit since being so sick.

    easy child went back to school and started classes this week in early childhood education. She only needs 12 credits to be certified to be a nursery school teacher. One of her classes is a "movement" class for kiddos and she said it's a lot of fun.

    difficult child has decided she'd like to go to school for business - administrative. We're looking into a program for her. Unfortunately, none of the schools are very close to our home and her car isn't the greatest, but I'm confident that it will all work out. She would prefer to do the classes on line, but it's been difficult to find a program for it on line. She's been at this most recent job doing secretarial work and loves the work, but not her boss. Can't have everything I guess. Anyway, she's looking for something else in that field and hopefully she will find something before she loses it on her piggy boss (he's a pig!).

    difficult child is also still seeing the 28 year old - who has TWO kids, not the one as he told difficult child. In every way he seems very nice, but jeez, lying about having two kids?? I can see that difficult child is being cautious, which is a fantastic sign! He is supposed to come rafting with us.

    Seems like summer is wrapping up and it's time to cover the pool that I only swam in 5 times. What a disappointing summer this has been weather-wise, hasn't it?

    I have been taking Cymbalta. My Dr suggested it after being diagnosis'ed with fibromyalgia and at first I felt great, but now I don't feel so good on it. I see her next Tuesday and I'm going to ask to go off it.

    Well, that's all the news that's fit to print. I've been keeping up with everyone's posts and it sounds like just about everyone has gone back to school, which I know is a nice reprieve in many ways....not so nice in other ways.
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    Hey Jo...sorry about the wrist. That sounds very painful. What a strange way to hurt yourself. I find I hurt myself in the weirdest ways too. I hope it does heal without needing surgery.

    Also sorry about the computer. I think you may be wise to get the desktop fixed and turn it over to difficult child and get a laptop for you. If I may do a recommendation, drop in on radio shack from time to time, they have some great deals and the warranty from there is awesome. You do know my son works there right...lol.

    If the cymbalta isnt working well anymore, you may want to try the new Pristiq. My therapist has been diagnosis'd with fibro too and was put on cymbalta and it first worked ok but then stopped so she went on pristiq which she is much happier with. Of course, everyone is different.
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    Ouch on the wrist! Sorry about the computer, I hate computer problems!! I'm glad easy child is enjoying her class. Good to hear difficult child is being cautious with the 28 year old. I agree it's been a disappointing summer weather wise; too bad you weren't able to get more use of your pool this summer.
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    Sounds like most things are going well. Sorry about the wrist and the fibro. Fibro is pretty nasty, isn't it? Be aware that many medications for fibro can cause weight gain. Topomax did help for quite a while with the depression, migraines and even some of the anxiety that fibro brought to my door. It also has weight LOSS as a side effect.

    Maybe if you combine it with other medications it will help and render them weight neutral.

    I don't know much about cymbalta other than I took it for 10 weeks and it did nothing. Nothing good and nothing bad. I went back to prozac and it seems to work.

    Where will the boyfriend's kids be while you are vacationing? I cannot imagine my bro taking a vacation to do something like that while his daughter is with her mom. He wants to use his days off for vacation/etc... to do things with his child.

    That, to me, is a warning sign. If he can take time off to go play with-o the kids, what kind of dad is he? I am probably biased, but it is a question that bears thinking about.

    If your daughter had a child with him how would she feel about him taking his days off to go play instead of saving them for when his children get sick or to take them on outings and vacation trips.

    It sounds like things are moving along. Hopefully the wrist will be easy to fix. My mom had to have her wrists fused so they couldn't move at all. Somehow all the cartilage just went away in her wrists. the first one got to the point she almost bit through her lip when a grocery bag slipped down onto it. Then she was pumping gas and bumped her wrist on the car door. It hurt so bad seh wet herself. Luckily she was 3 blocks from home and could call my dad to come get her.

    Please don't let the pain get that bad before you do whatever needs to be done.
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    Hey Jo! Thanks for the update. Sorry about the wrist. I still have a doctor bugging me regularly about having surgery for carpel tunnel. I know it can be very painful. I just try not to be too immobile for too long. That only agrivates it. It's a little awkward sitting in church and waving your hand back and forth. I just need to get a really good church move down.:tongue:

    Enjoy your summer wrap up. (I hate to think of that.)

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    I know this is small stuff, but think about how beautiful it is going to be where you are in just a few weeks .. .. .. fall foliage can be a very pleasant distraction amidst a hectic life.