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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by change, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Have any of you seen "The Last Lecture" or read the book? I saw it on Oprah abd had also seen one of the Diane Sawyer specials with him before that. I can't believe he died already. It's so sad. That story REALLY touched me and I want to buy the book. Ever since I heard that lecture, one line in particular has been running through my head more and more and I've been trying to lead a better life. I feel like it's helped me in general but especially because of what my family's going through...I mean REALLY...at least in my case, no one physically died. That family is incredible and I aspire to be that kind of parent.
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    My Pastor actually played the Oprah interview in church b4 his sermon a few months ago. I was touched by his raw sense of life. Praying for his family, as it is still a difficult time for them
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    I've watched as many of his lectures as I could find. He was a really amazing person. I was deeply saddened to hear he had died, though he far exceeded the time given to him.

    He made the most of every minute of his life and even though he married late in life, he spent every minute with his family, really being present for them. Just a really wonderful person, that I wish I'd known.

    Pam R.