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    I took difficult child to counselor today because he has not been cooperating with his school counselor. He attends SSD schools. We are trying to get them to purchase services for a more theraputic school but they won't since he doesn't take advantage of the counseling services they offer at his school, then why should they pay for him to "not participate" in counseling at a theraputic school. Anyway...went to a new counselor today, never met him. As usual difficult child was sullen, quiet, refused to speak with counselor and after 15 min got mad and walked out of the office. I stayed an talked with counselor. difficult child returned when the appointment was almost over and wanted to leave. Counselor asked him to wait outside for 2 more min while we finished...and difficult child refused and dug his heels in. After about 10 min...the counselor started to get sterner in his tone of voice, telling difficult child to leave his office immediately. After several min of provokation, difficult child lost it....and yelled and screamed at the guy telling him he was going to hurt him...so the guy called the police!!!!! Even the police (a specially trained officer) could not get him to leave at that point, so they asked me and the counselor to go to another room, where the counselor told me he provoked difficult child on purpose to SEE HOW HE WOULD REACT!!!! The counselor and the police insisted that I take difficult child to hospital for psychiatric admit.... sat in the ER for 5 HOURS just for the intake lady to tell me that she didn't think he needed to be admitted, but maybe their day program would be a good fit. However after she spoke to the doctor, she said the doctor didn't even think he needed a day program....this after my 14 yr old boy threatened the police....had to have security called to get him to put on the hospital clothes....he apparently doesn't need any help!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......
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    Yikes! What an adventure!!!

    My take...? It is not that he doesn't need any help. Rather, he is not exhibiting the kind of issues for which any insurance program is willing to PAY for help.

    How long has this type of thing been going on...?
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    This has been going on and getting worse since he left public schools. He is in a self contained SSD school now, his learning seems to have stopped in 6th grade when he changed schools. he is supposed to be getting anger managment and social skill training, but that really is not happening. he is resistant to therapy and refuses to participate frequently. I am signing up for a free in home intensive therapy program. It is 8 hours a week for 8 weeks, in our home! I am so tired of walking on eggshells.
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    I'm not so sure the counsellor was so stupid here. If you are as desperate as you say, and even under these circumstances the hospital wouldn't do anything, then I think the counsellor, by trying to trigger a meltdown of the sort you constantly endure anyway, was trying to get help for this lad; help that just hasn't been happening as it should.

    Until you're certain the guy's an idiot, I'd keep this counsellor in your pocket.