rats my condo is NOT sold

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Aug 20, 2012.

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    buyer backed out. I'm wavering between keeping him inside on lockdown or letting him have enough rope to hang himself while we've got the support from probation and the threat of returning to juvie since he's got to go out sometime. Any opinions?
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    The problem with the Juvy Justice system, in our case anyway, is that they never DID anything. They kept threatening every time he got in trouble while on probation but no follow thru. I was told to make a papertrail - and I did, went to every court appearance, took him to his probation meetings where I spilled the beans, and nada happened. And when they did come down it was like a ton of bricks. Would I do that again, no way. Looking to them for help was a joke as they really don't recognize any mental health issues, they just approach everything from a punitive view.

    Mine was 14 as well when he started on his way to he** in a handbasket :(

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    I think ours is better, difficult child ran into a lot of kids in juvie who were in on a problem violation like having possession of a lighter
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    Since you loved your condo, maybe this is a sign that u should stay put. difficult children can always find somewone to get into trouble with no matter where you live.