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    On the (vexed) subject of milk, can you get raw milk - ie unpasteurised, straight from the cow - in the States? I didn't use to drink milk if I could avoid it but since we have come to live in the village here, I buy raw milk from the village shop. It is just SO delicious, an incomparable taste to the bland ordinary stuff which tastes like chalk water now... One is supposed to boil it but actually I don't bother because it contains enzymes that protect against bacteria.
  2. ThreeShadows

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    Wow, Malika! Raw milk available in France? When I was a child there was real fear of raw milk being a source of TB. All the students at elementary school had to get a yearly chest xray. I'll end up with breast cancer because of all that exposure to my developing chest.

    I was able to get raw milk from the Finnish-American farmers when we were in Maine. It IS delicious!
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    We used to buy pasteurized (but not homogenized) milk directly from a local farm when I was a little girl. The family doctor apparently suggested it to help with my eczema.
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    I hear of people that drink it, so it's available to some degree. I wouldn't drink it myself because there are risks associated with it here and as picky as I am I don't think I'd like it. I've never seen the stuff in person, so I can only base that on what I know about me. We buy organic, to avoid other things, but it's pasteurized and homogenized.
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    Raw milk is available at our farmer's market over the summer. I was surprised that I liked it!