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    What is a girlfriend diet?
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  2. DaisyFace

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    Hello kristy!

    Welcome to our group!

    First of all, the very fact that you are actively seeking helpf or your child is a sign that you are a VERY GOOD mother--not a failure in any way!

    Second, a thorough evaluation is exactly where you want to begin. Hopefully, you will get an understanding of what may be causing your child to be aggressive and have meltdowns...and then you can begin to find the proper treatment for those issues.

    Meanwhile, feel free to post here...we are all happy to help if we can--or at the very least, offer a shoulder to lean on.

    You are not alone!
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    Since he isn't growing as he should, I would look into celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance. Failure to thrive is a symptom of celiac disease. Hopefully, your pediatric endocrinologist is testing him for this already. Even if his test comes back negative, I suggest trying a girlfriend diet to see if anything changes.

    One of my daughters had stomach problems until she was 8. She had multiple tests for celiac disease which were all negative. Despite that, putting her on a girlfriend (and milk free) diet eliminated her stomach problems. My other daughter didn't have stomach problems but was diagnosis'ed with ODD and depression. Putting her on the girlfriend/CF diet turned her into a typical child. She had been on an a/d and we were considering adding an a/p to stop the violence. Since she has been on that diet, she is now medication-free.
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    I second Diasyfaces post. You are trying to get your son the help he needs and are very concerned for his welfare and future. I know many a day I have felt like a failure but I try to take each day one by one and try and understand my difficult child and all his issues. As far as the melt downs in the evening just prepare yourself and your difficult child the best you can. It took me many years to learn how to shut down and just let him go as long he wasn't a danger to himself or others. You are on the right track.... Keep your chin up !
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    Welcome! You will find much support here. Please don't feel like a failure. As others have said, you are seeking help for your son; not just burying your head in the sand. Glad you found us-sorry you needed to.
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    It's a GLUTEN-FREE diet. You would need to avoid gluten in all its forms. To fully eliminate gluten you need to avoid not just wheat flour and products containing it, but a lot of other surprising things. I have a friend with coeliac disease - she ate a jersey caramel given to her by a friend and discovered too late when the symptoms began that it had traces of gluten in it.

    A dietician specialising in these special diets can guide you through this minefield.