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    I am reading old posts -- just got involved with this site. My 13 1/2 year old daughter has been having horrific issues with suicide and has learned about cutting and self injurious behavior in all of this damn hospitalizations!!! Can you please reply and let me know of the places your daughter has been (what is a difficult child???)

    Thanks -
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    Hello and welcome to the community.

    The thread you replied to was from 2007 so I moved your post into its own new thread so that it could receive the attention it deserves.
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    It is comforting to have support and know that I am not alone with my daughter's issues.
    Some of them are potentially from congenital depression the bio mom (or dad) could have had; some could be from in utero drug exposure; some could be from concussion; some could be hormonal/adolescent; and some could have been triggered by the darn Amantadine prescribed by the concussion doctor (google it - the side effects include depression, suicide, aggression, impulsivity, etc. and I know these are commonly listed as side effects for lots of antidepressants...I reported this to MedWatch); and I have also felt my daughter has been HARMED by her admissions; HARMED by hearing the life stories she has heard and which she would NEVER have otherwise been exposed to; HARMED in that she has been surrounded by mental illness at its worst; HARMED - - I pray she has not felt that I have abandoned her to this - - I only want her to be kept safe and feel that I can lock up this and that but our home is still a 2 story home; I am a single mom; I have to sleep eventually; there are a gazillion blinds in our house with cords; we drink out of real glasses occasionally; have mirrors in the three bathrooms; have breakable windows (not covered by plexiglass on both sides), etc etc etc. I have considered handcuffing her to me at night (JUST KIDDING!!!! - JUST BRAINSTORMING!!!) but need to keep her safe.

    Anyway - I am grateful for any response and the support you all have to give. I pray and GIVE IT TO GOD and have had some wonderful messages of God at Work - - o.k., I'll share just one..... in Wal-Mart (of course) several weeks ago and ran into our neighbors (younger daughter at a friend's house; I was alone); and after just felt so emotional and teary and semi-crying telling God I could NOT do it any longer it was too much of a burden for me and I was going to have to give it all to him to handle and - as always - i asked God for a sign of some sort. Literally within a minute my cell phone (always have it in my hand) rang and it was the cottage staff with a message from my daughter that she loves me very much and was looking forward to the weekend visit. I need constant support and reassurance - - it is bringing me to my knees over and over that she has been gone about 162 or more days (have not recounted recently)and I just miss her so very much as well.

    Thank you all

    difficult child#1 - Daughter, age 13 1/2
    difficult child#2 - Daughter, age 9 1/2
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    Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. We do understand. My son began talking of suicide around age 10. We found a good therapist and he's been seeing him ever since. In the interim, my husband and his father became psychotic. I had him forcibly committed twice and once he went on his own. I felt terrible that my husband was in the hospital but I also knew he needed to be there. So does your daughter.

    Of course you miss her. But please use this time to be good to yourself. When she is released, you will have to return to extra-vigilant mode and that is so draining. Yes, she will exposed to ideas and mental illness in the hospital. My kids were exposed to their own father's descent into madness. It wasn't what I would have chosen for them, but it couldn't be prevented.

    Try not to drive yourself batty with the WHYs or causes of your daughters illness. Personally, I believe there are a number of factors. When someone needs psychiatric care it doesn't much matter why they do. The important thing is doing what you can to provide them with that care. You are doing that for your daughter.

    Spend some special time with your younger daughter while others are caring for her sister. Take good care of yourself.