Re: SST meeting.....What do I do to prepare?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by skully, Apr 19, 2011.

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    New to site, have an SST meeting next week with my soon to be ex wife. Don't want her to have a leg up when it comes to parenting, thought there might be some advice out there.

    My son is going into grade 1 next year, has been diagnosed with aspergers, but I noticed on this site I should use some type of acronym. And as with most public school systems, I can't really rely to heavily on them.
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    The SST purpose is to identify any areas in which your child may struggle during the school day. Kids with Aspergers vary greatly in what areas they need support, some do not need any support and others need a full day in a Special Education room. The SST consists of a school administrator, you son's current teacher, a 1st grade teacher and any support personnel that may have information relative to his needs, as well as you and your ex-wife.

    Is he in kindergarten? What problems is he having in that class? Think about the major domains: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, speech/language, self-help, social/emotional and academics. Does he have issues in any of those areas?

    Most importantly, remember that you and your ex-wife are on the SAME team, your son's team. Love him more than you hate your ex.