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    I emailed psychiatrist who will now also be therapist the behavior/symptoms we wanted worked on with difficult child. They were things like improve his persistence, bossiness, rigidity, help with self esteem so maybe once he gets into middle school he will make good decisions.

    His reply was thanks. Looks fun.

    Did I overwhelm him? I am not sure. I know he has had a hard week, he had to call yesterday to change our appointment do to a sched issue, and then his secretary called because the scheduling issue (a class he teaches at the middle school) was canceled, so we got our appointment back.

    Sometimes his responses are very brief as he is busy, but I laughed at that one.
  2. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I don't know your therapist, but our in-home and I enjoy our sarcastic moments...
  3. crazymama30

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    It was on e-mail, but I viewed it with humor and as sarcastic. We only deal with our difficult child's, imagine being a doctor and dealing with who knows how many?? He knows he has his work cut out for him. I am just grateful he volunteered to do the therapy.
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    Probably sarcasm intended to be humorous. I wouldn't read anything negative into it.
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    Hmm. Not knowing him, I'm thinking there's a bit of sarcasm there. He's got a dry sense of humor.
    Looks like you had a good outline.
    We don't have email with-our child psychiatric. That would be nice.
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    I really do think the guy is great, he has been very helpful with difficult child and school issues, even called the school at one point all on his own, I did not ask, he just said something to the effect of it would be easier if he called them, and man was it ever.

    I love the e-mail thing, he always gets back to me within a day, so much easier than playing phone tag.

    Definite sarcasm and dry sense of humour, thats ok
  7. TerryJ2

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    even called the school at one point all on his own,

    Cool. Very helpful! The voice of authority and all that. :)
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    Ok, here's an example of our in-home behaver therapist.
    (I can already feel the criticism coming in!)
    IHBT's particular goal that day was to get the big boys (easy child 1 and difficult child 1) to let things be and ignore difficult child's antics. difficult child was running around the living room without his pants on, rubbing his hiney on everyone's leg, like a pole dancer would. IHBT was involved in a conversation about sports with the big boys, doing a fine job of being oblivious to difficult child's but-wiping antics on everyone's pants. When difficult child left the room, IHBT said to the teen boys, "Doesn't that just make ya wanna get a can of ether and say 'night night'?" and "Well, if he can't hold any other job, he can be a male model - he can do the pole..." difficult child returned shortly after and continued his antics, and big boys and IHBT picked up the sports conversation again.
    One of the reasons I like this IHBT, besides that he does a good job with difficult child, is because he'll verbalize the frustration we all feel and tries to keep the humor in it all. I feel a little more human when I hear a trained psychiatric say "got some rope?" when I ask how to handle a particular situation, when that's exactly the lines I was thinking on.
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    That is too funny. At one point when difficult child was in tdocs office in one of his way active days, doctor looked at me and said "duck tape" and we both laughed. It's good for the mouth and the body.

    to your difficult child I say, shake it baby!!! Sorry, I could not resist.
  10. Shari

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    Did I mention he doesn't wear undies???