Reactive Attachment Disorder in the News

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  1. Good Morning America ran an interesting informative piece on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Reactive Attachment Disorder.

    The media is currently promoting the disorder as mostly an "international adoption issue." I think that is primarily because of the recent news item regarding the child sent alone, one way on a plane to his country of origin by exasperated adoptive parents without sufficient resources to handle the child's issues.

    Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) can and does happen in American adoptions as well! I read it is considered a "spectrum disorder" where behaviors in individuals with this diagnosis can range from "mild" to "severe".

    I'm saddened by every case I hear of, but I am SO GLAD the information is getting out there!!!!!

    Parenting these kids can be a "spectrum" in itself... ranging from a challenging but joyful experience to total hell on earth.

    The link is below.
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    Well, even if the media messes it up a little, it's better to have it in the news so people can talk about it and educate themselves.
    It's probably going to be like Asperger's, where no one heard of it a few yrs ago, except maybe for Rainman, and then all of a sudden, a slew of books and movies came out and now everyone knows what it is.