Reading my sons FB post


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I’m back on the rollercoaster, looking on his social media , checking his emails , just trying to get some idea of what’s going on in his life ? Here’s exactly what he posted on FB

1st post-When did you ask if I was ok💔

2nd post -The one thing I gain from losing everything is perspective

3rd post- ***** got me under control *****Stole my soul. I’m sure the devil applauding. Standing laughing over me.I’m helpless to my Puppet Master . I’m ashamed I lost.

I’m saddened by this , he was doing so well, I think he lost everything.


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My daughter's FB posts over the years have been absolutely maddening. I cringe when I read some of them. I try not to put too much weight on them, even though at times they truly frighten me. Keep in mind, even the "enlightened" FB posts are half-baked... meaning even from people I feel like are stable their posts are ridiculous.


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Helpless. You are not helping yourself. Stop reading. He is a drama queen.

How can you lose everything at just 18:years old? There is no way for him to learn except trial and error. He is full of himself. He goes too far and gets burned. Hopefully he will learn quickly. But you are torturing yourself.

I am on a cell. I will try to check back tomorrow.

love copa


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Hi again, helpless.

He is looking for attention. Addicts will do anything to guilt us into giving them money. He knows you check his social media.

Addicts don't normally do good and stay there. It's an up/down ride until hopefully they finally really want to quit so they do. Some don't. You can not control his future. I would stop reading the social media. Obviously he WANTED you to see it...this was a message to you to get you to give in. They are great manipulators. Protect yourself from that maybe. Please don't look. Social media is an illusion that the writer wants to project about himself. We get no answers there.

Hugs and love.


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Yikes. I am freaked by any Devil reference. I do believe the Devil guides our children to use drugs.

As I wrote in an older post, my husband was visited by a demon one night in my son's room (after we had sent son away) and my husband slept and worked in his room a few weeks after I relocated while waiting for our home in Chicago burbs to sell. My husband is Catholic so demons aren't really something that is referenced a lot. He had never been so scared in his life.

I agree with other posters that your son is trying to break you down. You cannot and must not give in. You would only be enabling him to continue using drugs. All he needs to know is that you love him and I'm sure he knows that. He is only thinking of himself. As I write this it doesn't make a lot of sense because they are trying to destroy themselves simultaneously with only thinking of themselves, but that is how I see it.

Praying for your strength and your son's safety until he gets to where he needs to be to decide to change.