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Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by susiestar, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I am ready to join HL now. I have tried over the years to have a healthy lifestyle with-o being rabid about it.

    I spent 10 years trying very hard to lose weight with no success. i did healthy cooking, portion control, and msot everything else suggested. I gained weight or stayed the same weight. NOTHING helped.

    It really frustrated me when husband could eat like a pig (3 LARGE potatoes with lots of cheese and ranch and bacon and salt and jalapenos for dinner AFTER he ate the healthy dinner I cooked!!!) and lose weight easily.

    I was weighed at the doctor when I went in to talk about the Vit D thing. I am 50 (yes FIFTY) pounds lighter than when I had the surgery in Dec. I attribute it to the thyroid medicine I started just before the surgery.

    So now, when my body will respond to my efforts, I am VERY willing to take steps to be healthier.

    Glad y'all are here!!

  2. ML

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    Susistar I'm proud of you for taking this step!! You go gir! xo ML
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    Welcome to HL, Susie -- from one newbie to another!

    Great to have you aboard!
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    I'm glad the medications for your thyroid are working!!! And, I'm glad you're here too!!! WELCOME!!! WFEN
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    Welcome to HL! Glad you are here!
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    glad the medications have made a difference! Now you have the incentive to become a healthier you!!!! Glad to have you with us.