Really bad night

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Liahona, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Liahona

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    Hi guys I've just been beaten up by Cherub. Its amazing how someone so small and cute can disrupt the whole house. I have to yell just for the other kids to hear me. Then they have to yell back. Dinner was a shouting matching (with Cherub winning.) everyone's emotions are on edge and everyone was cranky.

    Then I get her calmed down and most everyone in bed when Ann pulls Cherub up by her arms. Ann was trying to help put Cherub back in her seat she had wiggled out of. (Seat was on the floor, Cherub was in no danger wiggling out of it.) Poop baby cried hard for 20-30 min. I was worried and called the nurse line. Nurse tells me to take Cherub to ER. I get a sitter (no small feat late at night for 6 kids) and text husband which hospital to go to.

    I get us ready to go and the sitter arrives. Then Cherub goes to sleep. Very carefully the sitter and I extend Cherub's little arms to see if she still has range of motion and the elbows still work. Arms are fine. I start crying in relief. ER visit canceled. Cherub still asleep.

    BUT, there is no way to get a hold of husband to tell him. I try texting, email, and calling the hospital. He doesn't have a normal phone, it requires an internet connection to work. And of course being on the spectrum he wouldn't think to go talk to someone to see if we were there (the hospital staff was on watch for him to tell him we were ok at home.) He waits in the parking lot in the cold for an hour before coming home. He is frustrated with me, and my PTSD is now acting up because he is upset.

    And this is only the highlights of the evening. Its been a very bad night.

    Thanks for listening tomorrow will be better.
  2. buddy

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    Well, husband is gonna have to get over it. Natural consequence for not thinking to call you or go in and ask. You were doing your best. Maybe he needs a cheap pager or something really cheap like the $10 prepaid trac phone I got Q. Buy the lowest minute card. The minutes last 90 days. Just for emergency use?

    Anyway, poor baby! I was trying to figure out what kind of ninja baby you had when you said beat up! I know you've lived the physical beating up life with a difficult child so I was worried! But all that can drain you just as much. So glad she was ok. I tried to help mom with my baby sister one night and dropped her on her head. Left a huge lump. Yikes.

    Really hoping today goes smoother.
  3. Liahona

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    Thanks buddy. I just meant being scream at for hours while trying to manage everyone else; being emotionally beat up.
  4. buddy

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    LOL I got that! Just a funny picture in my head.....
    Is she doing better today? Hope she's not coming down with anything. Your hands are so full, I bet if one gets sick it runs through them all.

    Praying for a much more peaceful day for you!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Just sending hugs.......and earplugs.....
  6. AnnieO

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    I'm sending you an extra set of earplugs and some DUH for your husband. What was he gonna do, sit out there while you were inside???

    I know you don't need to be told this but... Babies are a heckuva lot less fragile than we want to believe. I bet Ann felt terrible... My Meggie will yell if SHE lays on her arm, so... I understand.

  7. Hound dog

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    I had to laugh at your husband for sitting in a cold parking lot for an hour and not going in and asking. LOL on the other hand, if you'd been in there waiting to be treated......and it took a long time, you'd be the one ticked that he took off for home after an hour. And yes, I think that way because that is how I handled Fred. Which by the way, there was a time when he would've done what your husband did. He learned over time it was not a good idea, and so he asked. He hated having to ask, but he would do it.

    I'm glad Cherub is just fine. :) I hope that things have settled down.

  8. susiestar

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    (((((hugs))))) in my opinion this is the time when ALL moms should be given something for nerves, and a double dose if they have more than one kid. Sometimes dhs count as a kid in there too. (Mine used to argue that we were being ripped off by the diaper company because no way did the diaper hold that many pounds. For about a week after Wiz was born he was actually serious about it also. men.)

    Men are so strange about asking any kind of question. I would go get him a ten dollar tracfone and the cheapest minute card. Let him know that you will only call that phone and he must have it with him at all times (or whatever phone arrangement you have now with his other phone.) We have used both tracfone and Net10 and the service is GREAT. I get fewer dropped calls, echoing, strange noises and other problems than my folks have on their expensive ATT phones or friends have on their Sprint and Verzon phones. We text, send videos, can use the internet, and anything else and it is a much better deal. Tracfone prices went down in the last year and with a double or triple minutes for life card they are a really great deal. Net10 doesn't do the double/triple thing, but I can get unlimited everything for $50 a month and 750 min for $25. Texts and internet are billed as minutes, and it is pretty easy to understand as you use the system. I just stink at explaining how it is done,lol.

    Your sitter is AMAZING to be willing to come on short notice at that hour. I couldn't even get relatives to do that so I am jealous! Give her a thanks and a hug from me, it is nice to know that in an emergency you CAN get help when you really need it.

    I hope that life isn't as chaotic in the next few weeks. You have had your hands really full.
  9. TerryJ2

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    Absolutely! I hope you got some sleep last night!
    All those kids, then Cherub screaming and crying for so long, you decided to go to the ER, then husband sitting in the pking lot ... he needed to go in, for Pete's sake!
    I hope today is better for all of you.