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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I've been doing online searches for boarding schools for our difficult child.

    One thing I found is a summer camp in a neighboring state. They don't have the dates and prices posted yet, but I signed up to get info when they do. It's called T------n. difficult child did very well at "regular" summer camp this yr--it was a wk. inside a college dorm, with-a choice of any 2 classes (he took The Science of Sports and forensics, and when easy child went, she took art and ceramics). He did horribly at Cub Scout camp ... hated the bugs, no AC (our kids are so spoiled!!!), hated everything. So, since he likes the dorm life, and a more structured environment, I'm very excited about this N.C. camp. He could possibly do both camps.

    The boarding school whose description I like the best, is, unfortunately, located on the moon. Okay, it's actually in Oregon. And it is only for HS students. But the thing I like best is that they have a special section for adoptees to discuss issues. I haven't found any other places that incl. that as part of regular therapy.

    So, for now, I'll stick with-summer camp, while I mull over whether it would take us the rest of our lives to pay off a loan of such astronomic proportions ...
    And it's fun to dream ...
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    I know what you mean. I found the perfect camp for Kanga. Only $8K plus whatever increase there is this year. Oh, and airfare to VERMONT!!
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    Terry: I'm going to PM you about a camp my sister sent her son twice. They were very happy with it!
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    The T------n Schools consists of two programs. One is the T------n Summer Camp, which consists of three and six week sessions for boys and girls ages 9-18. The camp has been in operation for 16 years for special needs children. They seek to address the challenges their campers face everyday in a way that values them, the people around them, and the world they live in. I live in Oregon (the Moon) and am an Educational Consultant. What school are you looking at here? Also, where are you looking at getting a loan?

    Some places are better for educational loans than others.
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    I haven't even gotten to the loan aspect yet. We're meeting with-our child psychiatric tomorrow and I have to convince my husband of all of this and get him on the same page, primarily by placing difficult child in a temporary setting with-pros who are skilled in ADHD, defiance, education, etc., rather than worn-our parents.

    Funny how the program (or mgr) got rid of the camp name. Is that because it's like promoting a business?
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    Could you all pm the names of some schools? We have a defiant 17 yr old so it's tricky.
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    I'll send you a pm.

    Ooops, it didn't work. You must have blocked off pm's.
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    Terry, could you PM me the name of the school in Oregon as well??