Really proud of MYSELF following school mtg this morning...

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    I rock. The Special Education coordinator and teacher met with me to review the changes that we discussed on the postive behavior support plan. I asked where the pbis was anyway? I said, this is the crisis part we just wrote, but where did the POSITIVE bis go? OH, you are thinking of the FBA. I said, no, the FBA is the assessment. I am asking where the plan went? So they went and got his whole file to show me that this two sheet thing that says if he does xyz we do xyz to stop it...... is the new plan.

    Came back with the file to find this BEAUTIFUL pbis that about 15 people wrote together last year. Teacher says, oh that! we still do that. I said, I know, and I appreciate it, but it has to be IN teh IEP, and it is THE pbis, the other part, not so positive, right? OH yeah so it is back in.

    And I said, i Just dont understand why you cleared the class when Q was saying nothing the other day. She said, well he did make one comment that irritated kids and he wouldn't move so the kids were getting agitated so I thought it was better to get the kids out... SO THE KIDS were reacting to a situation and Q got in trouble? Sorry but he has to control his reactions to all the other kids all day long. and some of them are mean. I said, but we said if you feel something is escalating you just call mr Special Education admin right away, not first take the kids out.

    She said you are right. i was thinking I wanted to give him space, the old way they were telling us to do it...that is true. Behavior team did say to do that and it is what was being done. So she apologized.

    She said Q came in and hugged her first thing. She asked if he did his check in..and he had, put himself on YELLOW but told her it is not for the bad stuff, it is for the excited stuff. (we have the zones by feelings...and excited, body wantng to move, a party etc...all yellow zone, yellow is not bad but could escalate to red).... How perfect is that. great example of when he is well (no itching this morning) he is learning and even generalizing and utilizing the skills. I loved the timing of it with the sp. ed coordinator there.

    Mr. sp ed. sent an email but saw me and talked to me first. He said he noticed Q was miserable with itching yesterday and wondered if it iwas X. I said yeah, it is and he has medicine for it here... thought it was better by yesterday but it must have flared during the day. After bath and waking during the night and re-applying medications it is MUCH better today and he is mr normal Q today.

    I hope it stays ok. I asked q to just put the medication on after lunch even if he is not itchy. Hope he is willing.

    OK, so I had asked for a copy of the old private Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation that I had given the school. they couldn't find it. I was not happy. said then a private evaluation is floating around, hoping it was just in the Occupational Therapist (OT)'s working file. Luckily it was. They also found the s/l evaluation that was done the same time. I reminded them to look at it (he didn't cooperate with district testing last year so they didn't see true scores)

    Language processing.... -3SD below the mean
    receptive language 1st percentile
    expressive language 1st percentile
    total lang. score...1st percentile.

    Even compare to his cognitive age and standard scores, he is significantly below which means he qualifies for a stand alone diagnosis of language disorder.

    of course all this leads to pragmatic/social language issues Interesting notes...he had this humming tic at that time. she commented on it througout the evaluation. now it is noises and words, but very interesting that it is in black and whilte...good stuff.

    then the Occupational Therapist (OT) results...
    fine motor: 4th percentile
    manual dextrity, upper limb coordination: 5th percentlie for both
    body coordination: 2nd percentile
    interpretation: difficulty with rt/lt distinction knowing which side of body can help him the most. (makes sense with such a large rt. sided injury). unable to do motor skills like touching his nose with his eyes closed., couldn't do imitative things like itsy bitsy spider movements.

    visual motor: visual 5th percentile motor 1st visual-motor 5th percentile.

    very interesting that his sensory profile at that time.... was similar to most people....they used the adolescent/adult form which just doesn't really let me interpret things, you are supposed to ask the kids and it doesn't match up to the younger version. so I did that one at the hospital and they found he was very sensory seeking... this current place I am going to gave me the adolescent form, I asked for the other one. I scored both for them.

    Vestibulr movement: 0 seconds of nystagmus. she said it is consistent with his poor reflex integration (he still has reflexes that most babies outgrow early on, these things dont show up as obvious motor delays and are so very ignored in real life)

    proprioceptive/muscle joint processin: supine posture against gravity: normal....... prone extension is below average

    asymmetric tonic neck reflex (tnr) is still present on both sides. she explains that this is integrated in the first year of life (you know how a baby turns his head one way and the arm on t eh other side goes out? That's it.) can interfere with bilaterial skills, midline crossing activities. weightbearing in quadruped position is not done on flat hands, this is often seen in children who have retained atnr.

    functional visual problems...scores all show at risk for this

    hard time following things with eyes only... suggests difficulty wih binocularity skills

    motor planning: good, strength...can plan, execute and sequence novel motor activities like climbing thru new equipment etc.

    mental functions: had hard time following long directions

    neuromusculoskeletal, no obvious deficits....except showed weaker performance onleft side than rt (makes sense since injury is rt sided)

    this was all done at age 11-5

    all scores showed fine motor deficits including paper/pencil tasks, manipulation of tools and small items, using both sides of the body together, balance nd ball handling skills

    she talked about how it impacts daily living.... really good how she interprets it for the non motor person and can see how it impacts real life.

    so just sharing to process with you all. Maybe it will show people who have not had these kinds of evaluations what one can look like too... the Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation was especially helpful.

    UPDATE: Courage Center called (they have these lots of places right?) they do brain injury stuff! (my cousin lived there when recovering from his spinal injury) when I first got Q home, there was not one close. but where we live now there is a newer center...duh I wish I would have looked. SO I am going to send the lang. evaluation (even though he liked her, the clinic I was nervous many little ones) and they actually said they divide Occupational Therapist (OT) and PT separate with the balance stuff so he will have a pt, Occupational Therapist (OT), s/l AND counseling for the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) ...... also, they specifically said they want the kids with aggression and swearing and that is what they do! PLUS, they start voc. training and assessment at HIS age! wow, I needed that. SOOOO happy. already called doctor to get the referral faxed to them.
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    Good for you!! Great for Q! Glad you held them to task! and the Courage Center stuff....Awesome!!! I hope it all works out.

    ***PAT ON THE BACK*** time!!
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    Yes, you DO rock!!
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    Way To Go!

    I'm proud of you, too! ...We all need to brag about ourselves when we, as my Grandpa would say, "DONE GOOD"!!!
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    Thanks, I am really trying to follow advice here, not beat myself up for every little thing (and I could have slanted this to that believe me....) and really working on my assertiveness. Thanks for all of your support. I am changing and really working on myself in this process.... no one else could I call with all of this information.
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    Yay!!! Woohoo! Great for YOU!
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    Nice job!!! I wish my morning at school was as productive.