Really? These are the ppl educating my kids???????????

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    Son has been having difficulty in science class because labs are done in groups. Son had difficulty with groups, not the labs. I explained this to the teacher when she called over a week ago. I explained this AGAIN to the ESE coordinator after she forwarded an email from the teacher complaining that son was still refusing to do labs. Ended up writing a long letter to all parties involved because getting a meeting time was proving difficult (10Q again for everyone's help with that) explaining yet AGAIN that the problem was the groups, not the labs.

    Today I got an email from the teacher, "I have no problem setting up your son to do labs by himself" REALLY?????????????? So why have we been going around in circles here? UHG! by the way I think we will still have our meeting tomorrow - YAY!

    So, now that I've put that to "rest" I can focus on the letter that got sent home for DD1 last week. Due to her outstanding state assessment scores, and new legislation, she is eligible for acceleration via Virtual School. Hmmm sounds interesting. If I wish, "To further discuss this further" (yup, direct quote) I am to contact her guidance counselor. So I did. So far, nobody has brought her into the loop. She's never heard of such a thing and doesn't know who to direct me to because the lady that handled that stuff last year was moved into a different position.

    OK, so I go home and start researching online. the webpage that is cited on the information sheet does not have much more information than the paper I have in my hand. No contact information for that program. General contact link goes to email. So, I decide to call the principal pf the school, see if she has more information. After all, her signature is on this information sheet. Ah, nope. However, she did direct me to the District's elementary program coordinator. I've got a message in to her because she was at lunch when I called.

    So the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing. It may even be possible that the right hand has no clue what it is doing. It just really steams me because they expect our kids to, be organized, communicate effectively, and be responsible for their actions, yet time and time again, they don't seem to be practicing these skills themselves.

    Oh, and I can't just blow this acceleration thing off because they sent this note home with DD1 WITHOUT an envelope or even folding it in half and stapling it, so she read it and really wants to do this because she's BORED with all the easy work.
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    ...Do you somehow have the same teachers/administration we do?!
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    Step - they are EVERYWHERE.

    Sometimes I almost believe in conspiracy theories... in this case, that teachers are out to destroy civilization by mis-educating as many kids as possible.

    Not that there aren't good people in the system - there are, and they make a huge difference.

    But its really interesting that most of the "administrators" are people who trained as teachers but can't cut it in the classroom. No wonder they don't "get it" - either for the teachers OR for the kids!
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    Unless they have changed things in the last couple of years the Florida Virtual School has been used by students who are behind and mostly by students who are advanced and want to either graduate early or take courses that are not available in their home school. It's really been very common and is offered (or was offered) to any students enrolled in the system. The kids I have known have used it as a supplement to their standard curriculum. Try entering your State's education site and it should be one of the choices for additional information. DDD
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    I feel your frustrations.

    Last year we pulled our youngest (difficult child in training) from the public school in the summer. I sent one paper snail mail letter, 5 e-mails, and left 3 voice mails telling the school I was withdrawing him, none were returned. 1/2 way through the school year, I got a call from a woman who claimed to be his math teacher. She stated that he and missed class for the entire week, had not handed in his homework for several weeks, and was not paying attention when he was in class. I freaked out and called husband.

    husband remained calm, and called difficult child in training over. husband asked him if he had been going to his math class. difficult child in training said, "yes". husband asked him if he knew why his math teacher called and said he was missing class. difficult child in training said, "He did not know (and kind of freaking out on his own)". He had proof he had been in class. Teacher's signatures, graded homework assignments, teacher notes in his day planner ect. husband call his math teacher to ask what was going on? The math teacher thought we were crazy and stated that she had never call us.

    It turned out the teacher who had called me was the math teacher he would have had if he had gone to the public school. She was clueless. Did not know my son from some other kid. She also ended up calling our non-parent emergency backup contact trying to find his parents. Then I finally got hold of a real person in the office, they removed him from the roles. One week later the Special Education coordinator called. She also had no clue that he had never gone to that school. The person responsible for insuring his IEP was followed did not know he had never been there for 5 months of school!

    And these are the people we entrust or kids to.
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    OMG. Thanks aeroeng! I feel better knowing my school's cluelessness pales in comparison.

    I got a call back from the Virtual school coordinator while I was out. Guess I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if she has a clue.

    DDD, I've researched it before for son, and knew about acceleration options for HS, but apparently this is the first time it's offered on the elementary level for acceleration - tried to quickly read the bill 7197 but it's REALLY long. Did spot a provision that students who enter 9th in the 2013/14 school year and after will be REQUIRED to complete at least one online course as a requirement for graduation. Made me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    So again, I must wait. I find that I'm not really good at that. :twister2:
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    aerong....I have you beat on that!

    Cory was in wilderness camp for all of 6th grade and half of 7th. I got a phone call two months into what should have been Cory's 7th grade year at the school he should have been attending for both 6th and 7th grades if he was a regular student however he was a ED student so he would have attended a completely different school. However the school I got a phone call from was our "home school". Anyway...I get this call telling me that my son has been absent for more than ten days and why havent I sent in a doctor's note. I got the giggles about this time.

    I said very seriously...what do you mean my son isnt in school? I sent him to school! (no joke, I sent him to wilderness camp!) I went on and on about how I was so sure that Cory was at school and they must be missing him. I had the poor lady so confused.

    Eventually I told her she was an idiot and I didnt know how she even got his name since he had been at a wilderness camp for 14 months at that point and even when he came home he would be attending another school in a self contained classroom. He never did step foot in that school.
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    Just a quick update: Had our meeting for son, and despite what she said in the email, Mrs A says she can't set up individual labs. UHG! The good news is, that we discussed group options, make up work for labs, and touched on his "moods". Amazingly the guidance counselor was the one urging Mrs A to use the resource teacher to keep (or get) son out of his "moods" Not good to let him stew in them because then they get chronic=NOT a good thing.

    Did get better information regarding the accelerated virtual classes for DD1, but ultimately her school has to decide if she really is eligible, and has to work out the logistics, so I guess I'll be leading the team on this one. Fun! NOT.
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    Good luck on this one. I hope the school personal get with the picture.