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    difficult child just called home on her way to school with her BFF. Wants to know if she can go camping with BFF. I told her I would need to talk to a parent about the details. I asked who was going camping... "lets see, BFF age 15, BFF little brother, age 14, BFF older brother who is 18, his girl friend, and older brothers friend who is 21. Any parents? No. No way. Did she really think I was going to say yes???

  2. DaisyFace

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    Yep. Sounds about plans....just kids fooling around in the woods.

    Ten bucks says you'll be the "meanest Mom" for saying no, too!
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    I already have the trophy for being the meanest mom ever... So tired of saying no. I just wished that actually, BFF's mom was taking her kids camping (Minus the 18yo, his girlfriend, and 21 yo friend) and would be supervising them and I could have said yes to something. KSM
  4. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    I know that feeling only too well!

    Silently wishing and hoping that, for once, difficult child is planning some kind of nice, wholesome activity that you'd be so happy to see her doing...

    Only to find out, as per usual, the plan is questionable at best - if not downright dangerous and stupid.

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    Either big brother is SUPER responsible or mom & dad want a vacation! Yea, I'd vote for the latter, too.

    And to think my kids told me I'M the meanest mom in the world. KSM, how did you steal that title from me? LOL

    Enjoy the quiet while you can!!!
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    DF, I'll raise you another 10.
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    Yea!! She asked to go skating tonight. I can handle that request! But now she is wanting to go to a concert in our town in October that I am afraid will have to be no... even with her own money. I checked it out online and no one 13 or younger is allowed in because of the "language". But hey, she is 14 it doesn't matter right?? KSM
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    I've been there done that for decades and have to admit it's AWESOME to finally have gotten past that stage. Hang in there. DDD
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    Yep, I understand! I was always the meanest mom ever to easy child/difficult child when I would say I have to check with parents first. Of course, according to her I was the only parent that did that-lol.
  11. ksm

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    What is funny is when I tell her I will need to confirm things with the other parent... and she says... "Fine, I just won't go!" I know that the plans were bogus to being with! KSM