Received a phone call last night...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Feb 11, 2012.

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    It was from a local number that I did not recognize so I knew it was about difficult child. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard I thought it was going to jump out onto the floor as I listened to the voicemail. It was a girl calling for the parents of difficult child and to please call back. I thought for sure this is it....
    She says that difficult child cannot stay where she has been staying and has nowhere to bring her. I told her that she needs to bring her directly to rehab. She tells me that she looked into that and found a great place but that difficult child wouldn't go. That difficult child wanted to be dropped off at the laundromat. I told her then I am sorry there is nothing I can do.
    When is enough enough???? I cannot believe it has been a year and she can't see that her life is **** and she.needs to do something about it. another girl wrote on her.Facebook page that she was so.screwed up and needed to get some help. And difficult child writes back asking why she said that. Really?? How many people need to tell you before you start wondering if it just may be true??
    So for all I know she.spent the night at the laundromat again. She didn't go to rehab. She posted a ton of old pictures on Facebook at about 4am. My heart is very heavy today... and there is nothing I can do but pray she finally submits and goes to rehab. :-(
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    Aw, PG, I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Your difficult child has not reached bottom yet and still doesn't want to change. Until she does, you are right that you just have to wait it out.

    Stay strong!

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    Oh PG I am so sorry you are in this with me.... gosh I hope sleeping in the laundromat and her friends telling her she is messed up will finally get through to her. I think those phone calls from others wanting you to rescue them are so hard..... you did great standing strong!!! You will inspire me when i need to do it!

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    We're waiting here with you, holding hands and hearts. This is the tough part PG, she is at the turning point and can go either way. We all pray that she goes the right way. You were strong to do what you did. Be ready to drive her to rehab if she finally hits bottom.

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    Adding my {{{hugs}}}

    Stay strong, dear friend
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    Of course you did the right thing. I'm sure it's breaking your heart but she is in the driver's seat. How is she posting to FB? Just curious if she has a laptop or a new phone...or if she is using friends access.
    Having her friends express their concern has to be having an impact on her in some way. Fingers are crossed that she's able to recognize that all who truly care about her are, like you, encouraging her to seek treatment. Hugs DDD
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    I'm so sorry. I too am very sad tonight, missing my own difficult child. Your situation is similar to mine. Your story really touched my heart. I hope your difficult child hits her bottom soon and gets help. I don't really know where my difficult child is now, he is 1000's of miles away from me. I sent him to his dad's where he was kicked out over a year ago. He lives with friends and works occassionally, but never for too long. I don't know if he's using and have never really known what he uses. I'm really missing him tonight and praying he will hit his bottom soon.
    I still have hope. It's hard to hang onto, but I think that's all we can do. You are in my thoughts...
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    Missy - welcome. I too do not really know where my son is - he has been out of touch since he left 3 weeks ago and doesn't want to be in touch. Like you, I don't know exactly what he is using and I am really really missing him - Sunday nights get to me for some reason...and I too am praying he will hit bottom soon.

    XXOO to all us hurting mommys
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    PG: It can be so hard for us to understand just what it will take for these difficult child's to hit rock bottom and want to change their lives. You are a strong mother and your difficult child is lucky to have you in her life. Sending good wishes to you...

    to Missy; Welcome to this board! keep posting and checking this board for messages. We are always here to support and encourage you.
  10. exhausted

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    PG, I am so sorry. I know your heart is hurting and you are worried. Keep standing strong. We are here and understand.
    Welcome Missy. Keep posting and sharing. It has helped me greatly.
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    Thank you everyone. It was a horrible weekend thinking about all of this and waiting, waiting, waiting....for a call that never came. She apparently made up with the boyfriend yet again and everything is hunky dory. SO tired of riding this roller coaster..... :(
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  13. everywoman

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    So sorry she continues to not see the consequences of her choices.
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    PG, I know. The rollercoaster is the worst...
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    Well, I knew it would happen eventually. She changed the settings on her Facebook and now I cannot view anything. All I have left is the phone records and I need to stop looking at those as well. She has pretty much shut me out of her life. I talked to her for a couple of minutes yesterday morning and even when I do talk to her, she doesn't have a whole lot to say. Forced detachment I guess...
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    Oh PG - I am so there with you..... I still have access to FB but he is not posting much there... probably cause he does not have much access to a computer... and not that seeing what he does post helps me any!!!

    Hang in there.... she knows you love her... and its a waiting game. Try and do something to take care of you today.