Recent diagnosis of CD/DMDD/ODD No one will say the words Borderline (BPD)

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    New mom here seeking support and advice from those in the same struggle. Currently facing DCFS charges for false allegations of abuse from 16 yo daughter and re-grouping after first inpatient hospitalization.
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    I hear you. I am facing the same type of charges in Idaho, where I brought my son into the ER due to suicidal ideations that he was having, and kept having. They took my young son from me because I was "over emotional." I think any parent whos son just said "i want to die" and is sitting on the floor with a bottle of empty mouthwash would do the same thing.
    The Department of H and W is trying to charge me with neglect and abandonment, and after 1000s of dollars of lawyer dollars we are finally getting a fair hearing.
    I want you to know that you are not alone. I have been a member here for 2 days and already the support is piling in. GOing from no support to a TON. Glad you are here. :)
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    I am sorry you have to deal with the ordeal of the investigation. We had to go through that ourselves a few times. The workers are often very untrained and irrational, in my opinion. Still, it is better to work with them and just do what they want if you can. Often that is really the only option. We got lucky and the head of the department had to fire our worker because the school principal had a FIT about how she interviewed our daughter. The principal had a lot of clout in our town and the worker was SUPER inappropriate. Then when there were issues a few years later, the head remembered us and worked with our case himself. He actually knew us from a sports team both of our boys played on. he saw how hard we worked with each of our kids' issues and was great to work with. Sadly, it is RARELY like this because there are NO real guidelines for the workers to follow. I just tried to be as nice as I could to the worker and to work with them. It doesn't always work. So have an attorney just in case you need one!
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    Miserable Mom: I know all those diagnostic letters, and about the drugs that often go with them. We've been there, done that, and got lots of stories to tell. The CPS worker who came to my home after a ridiculous allegation against my husband (schools are mandated reporters, I get it. I'm a teacher and mandated reporter, too) is the one who suggested Borderline (BPD). Fortunately, we didn't have to deal with any legal BS and after my grandson attacked my husband and sent him to the ER twice, grandson actually had an elder abuse investigation against him!

    My grandson is only 12 so they won't diagnose that early, but it's pretty obvious to anyone who knows what to look for. The one feature he doesn't have is the self-harming, thank heavens. He's had one trip to the ER for ideation and sending a note to a classmate. But the ER special crisis team didn't see any danger.

    I started my new journey of discovery into Borderline (BPD) with Stop Walking on Eggshells. It's helping, plus he's been placed in a therapeutic day school, so he's getting dialectical behavioral therapy, and that's been helping a ton. He's resisting the school pretty hard, but I think it's going to help in the long run. It's a tough diagnosis to deal with. There are forums for it if you look around. And anything by Randi Krieger is good to look into.

    We've got your back, MM. I'm sorry you needed to find us but it's a great place. I value it so much.
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