Receptive Language disorder in 3 1/2 yo?

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  1. Can somebody tell me something about Receptive Language disorders?
    My boy has been having trouble at daycare and socializing with other children and I just read a short article in a magazine about that and the symptoms kinda fit his behavior and reactions but I am not sure. He was tested for speech and has a 25% delay, and, we are going tomorrow for his first app. with the Occupational Therapist (OT)... I am a little nervous about that, don't have any idea what they do... Thank you guys for being there for every body :)
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    Thanks for posting that site. It amazes me after all these years that I can read "new" information on the Board regularly.

    How I wish I knew at 3.5 what I know now at 17.5 ! It could have made such a difference in difficult children life! DDD
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    DDD, they know a lot more now than they did 17 years ago, sadly.