Recipe ? "diced bread crumbs" ???


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What does that mean to you all who cook? Does it mean take white
bread and dice it? Take toast and dice it? Use diced stuffing
pieces that are unseasoned? It obviously doesn't mean use bread
crumbs from the can in your pantry! :rolleyes:

This is not a rocket scientist It's a new recipe for salmon burgers, for heavens sake! I comprehend the words
"salmon" "chopped green onion" "egg" "dijon mustard" "grated lemon rind"...........BUT "diced bread crumbs"???

My weekly menu has been switched. We are not having salmon burgers tonight. I told them "I have to ask my CD cooking friends" so...Friday nights dinner is now Thursdays! DDD


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I initially thought it meant dried bread cubes, like in stuffing, but since you said you're making salmon burgers I think it means bread crumbs from the can in your pantry! That is what I use for my salmon burger recipe. Sometimes I even go wild and use bread crumbs that are seasoned! I know, put a lampshade on my head!!


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Well, you know that I'm not the one to ask! :rofl:

I did come across your hot wings recipe the other day in case you've lost it again. :grin:

Diced bread crumbs would mean slices of bread, diced into cubes. You could use bread crumbs in a can from the pantry too, in fact that would be my preference. I would not want chunks of bread in my salmon burgers. And yeah, you could get saucy like Lori and (gasp) use seasoned ones. (LOL @ lampshade)


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Gee, I knew there was a purpose in me sitting at the computer at
4:43 AM!!! Here's the recipe, lol:

6 oz pkg (pouch or can) pink or "Prime Fillet" Atlantic salmon.
1/4 c chopped green onions
1/4 c finely chopped celery
1/2 c diced bread crumbs
1 large egg, slightly beaten
1 T Dijon mustard
1 t grated lemon rind
2 hamburger buns

Combine well and form two patties. Cover and chill for at least
one hour before cooking. Using lightly greased skilled, on medium high heat, cook pattie for 3 or 4 minutes per side until lightly browned.

They suggest a dill sauce but I am going to use a prepared horseradish sauce (Boars Head) that we all really love.

Wow...I wish I had one right now! DDD


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Seriously, I wouldn't use dried breadcrumbs for a salmon patty recipe - too dry. But rather than fuss about carefully cutting tiny little white cubes, I'd be throwing some fresh bread slices in the blender, for soft, fresh crumbs.

Even if you're frying or roasting them and you only want the crumbs for coating, fresh is better, I think, for fish patties.

For most patty recipes, though, I leave out crumbs altogether - too often it's used as a filler, to stretch a meal more at the expense of flavour and too high a carb level.

And on a very different note - my sister used to do wonderful fried oysters. She would empty out a bottle of oysters, dry them on paper towel, dip each one in flour, then egg, and then - crushed Rice Bubbles. Then fry, very quickly. The rice bubble coating was so incredibly light and crispy, they were absolutely marvellous. And it's not as fussy as it sounds - you can flour-dust the oysters by tossing them in a plastic bag with flour in it.

What a shame I'm the only one in my family to like oysters... I'll have to eat them all myself!



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My recipe adds mayonaise so there is no issue of dryness. Just a thought if anyone wanted to try the recipe and thought it would be too dry.


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I'll let you know tonight. I did use the dry canned crumbs but
then I added about 1/4 cup of nova pieces which seemed to add the
moisture needed. I hope so!

Marg, you can have my share of oysters too. Or we can swap oysters for escargot??? LOL DDD


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What are nova pieces, DDD?

I made salmon patties about a year ago. I hadn't had them since I was a kid and I couldn't remember if I liked them or not.

Well........the recipe I used was so bland and dry that it was like eating cardboard :thumbsdown: so let us know how this recipe works out and I'll give them another shot.



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Nova is the more tender, less salty lox that go with the bagel and cream cheese that we adore. It's salmon.

We had the salmon patties for dinner and they were PDG. I think
that they would have been too dry had I not added the nova which
is moist and soft. Maybe bread would have worked better than the
dry crumbs.

Emeril is not going to be fighting Paula on the Rachel Rae show
for my recipe! It was good. It was different. It was far healthier than a beef patty. on the other hand, it jest ain't in the same
category as my wings! You guys don't have to save the recipe for me. LOL DDD


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Yum, that nova sounds delicious. We get a lot of smoked salmon but otherwise it's tinned cooked salmon or fresh fillets of it, raw for sashimi.

Escargots - had them once, OK but very chewy. Unimpressed. Give me a seafood buffet any time!



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Marg, I think that escargot is far more appealing to people who
are "in their cups" at the time of first bite. I ate mine on a
dare after a couple of Manhattans a thousand years ago. Dead
sober I still love them BUT usually it is part of a dining out
experience...which coincidentally...usually includes a Manhattan!

on the other hand, I have tried twice to down a raw oyster (with and without
a prelude of a Manhattan) and both time regretted the effort,lol.