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    easy child is considering the Navy so the recruiter is coming to my house in a few minutes. As I was thinking of trying to clean it the other day and started to make an attempt I discovered it would be easier to make excuses.

    I mean it is obvious we are remodeling parts. And as for the extra stuff from my mom (from her selling her house) I can just say that happened. I mean it isn't horrible in here but geez what was I thinking letting them come here.

    The cats are locked up in their crate and the dogs will be outside (our big dog is not fond of folks in police uniform for some reason so why take a chance on a military uniform).

    When do these kids get old enough to start talking to people like this. I am not old enough for all of my children to be getting to the point of adult stuff.

  2. mrscatinthehat

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    He didn't show up. When I called he made the excuse that no one had told him he was supposed to stop by. My head might fall off. I am not sure even how to express my unhappiness about this.

    What sort of imression would it have been if we were supposed to go there and then didn't show up? I ajgfsjgjjfdisoj. Ok that is me spewing nastiness out.

    I mean we had a discussion about people and rudeness etc but really I didn't expect it from a recruiter.

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    PCdaughter was very unhappy with the professinalism of the navy recruiter she contacted. He didn't return calls, didn't show up for meetings. She decided that she wanted nothing to do with the navy because of that. She chose the army instead and went in via the National Guard.
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    Make his his boss!