Reculsive son likes bowling, the team doesn't call

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 5, 2013.

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    As I've said before there is very little that difficult child likes to do outside the house. Even inside the house, everything is video games. In the spring we started him with bowling lessons. He's always liked to bowl, but was not great at it. After he improved with a few months of lessons he agreed to join a summer bowling league. We thought that was a perfect way to introduce him to league play since it was only for the months of July and August. Again, he did well and he saw improvement and was really pleased with himself.

    A few weeks before the league ended one of the moms came to me and asked if difficult child would be interested in something called Bowlympics, which is basically a traveling bowling league and it acts like a travel team. Some weeks they bowl at their "home" lanes and the other weeks they travel to other bowling alleys to bowl against their teams. He thought about it for a while, and then came to us and said he would like to try it. On the last night of the league I gave the man who runs it difficult child's name, address, and phone number, and he said he would contact us when it was starting to gear up. For the last few weeks when husband took difficult child to his lessons I told him to ask about Bowlympics and when it was starting. Joe, the pro who gives the lessons, said October.

    They went to lessons this morning and guess what? Bowlympics starts TODAY!!! Joe was furious when husband said we weren't told because he said they are begging for kids to sign up. difficult child came home, and while he wasn't raging (YAY for him) he was clearly upset that no one called, and in all honesty, I can't blame him for feeling that way. Joe told us just to take him to the lanes where they are bowling, but difficult child being a difficult child said that he "couldn't" go, mostly because it wasn't on his list of things to do today. Had he known and had planned for it he would have been fine, but he's not good with last minute changes to his plans.

    I have a call in to Joe to get the name and number of the guy who runs the program to find out what the deal is and why we weren't placed on the team. He must have been giving a lesson, so I had to leave a message. I feel badly for difficult child. He opted not to join other leagues because he wanted to do this travel league, and he knows other kids from the summer league who were signing up for it, too, so he felt comfortable.
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    I hate **** like that! Poor kid would have had a blast and now he is missing out.
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    Ditto. I'm sorry. DDD
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    I spoke to Joe and he left word for the Reggie, the guy who runs Bowlympics, to get in touch with me. He said that he could not give me the phone number for me to call Reggie because he doesn't have it. If I don't hear from him by Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have to call the bowling alley again.

    I have two weeks to get this straightened out because the team from our home lanes have a bye next week.
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    This is a shame. It is so hard to get our kids engaged in things and when you finally did it, this happened. I'm very sorry and hope it all works out (sigh).
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    Hope they call you back and it can all get straightened out. I'd be mad too. Way to go for your difficult child to keep it together and not rage.