Red towels for cuts


Maybe you've heard this, but I hadn't.

Dear Abby today, short letter about a woman asking her daughter to get the "red towel" when her son cut himself. When she was asked "why the red one?", the mother replied that the toddler can't see the blood on the red towel and there are less tears involved. I thought it was a great idea.

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Wow - that is an excellent idea. One day when I have grandchildren I will bestow a few red towels to my daughters. I'm sure they will think I'm nuts, but I really love this idea because I think it's true that the little peanuts freak when they see their bright red blood on the lighter towels.


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Well I'll be gobsmacked! I never thought of that and it is a
terrific idea. Thanks for sharing. DDD


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What an excellent idea! I think I will run right out to the local dollar store and check them out for some red wash cloths. I bet I can get a bunch of them to keep in the house just for such occasions. If I wet a few and keep them in the freezer they may just help with those bumped lips I just know are coming with new


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Big CAUTION.......don't put these towels/cloths in with ANY other laundry....everything will either be pink or have red spots cause these babies lose their dye in the wash water--cold or warm no difference you always have pink water....


OK not to be a party pooper but this is the EMT training in me, truthfully wash clothes should not be used at all because the little fibers get stuck in the cut/injury and make it more proan to infection and it will take longer to heal, same with tissues and paper towels. I have an abundance of gauze pads for bleeding boo boos, now if they could make them in a red/rust color we'd be good to go! Now a bloody nose (which my difficult child II has tons of) the red wash clothe is an awesome idea! Also if your kids gets a pencil in their eyeball, don't pull it out, cut a hole in the bottom of a paper cup and carefully place it over the eye (pencil goes through the hole) and tape the cup to their face and get to an ER. I found that info very fascinating :doctor:but I am glad I have not had to use it to date


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This is highly topical for us, after yesterday's incident with difficult child 3 getting hit on the head by a log thrown at him.

I actually used toilet paper to clean him up (not second-hand, don't worry!). I wet it and used it to sponge him down, then quickly flipped it into the bowl and dropped the lid back down so he couldn't see it. I got to flush away any evidence.

I've had a series of injections for my current Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and I'm having to soak a series of undies because of the bloodstains from the injections, every second day. Talk about a pain in the ****!
husband also has to get regular injections - he wears black undies on those days.

And this reminded me of an old story told by British comedian Dave Allen:

Lord Nelson was on the deck of his ship when the cry came out from the crows nest, "Ten enemy ships off the port bough!"
Nelson turned to one of his staff and said, "Please go below and fetch me my red jacket and waistcoat."
His junior officer asked, "Why, at a time like this, do you consider changing your clothes?"
"It is most important," replied the Admiral, "that my men see me as invincible. If I were to be wounded and they saw blood, they might panic and be too afraid to fight. This way if I am shot, the blood won't show."
The junior officer nodded - Nelson was known to be a wise and brave warrior.
Then the cry came back from the crows nest, "It's not ten enemy ships, it's two hundred!"
Nelson leaned through the door to lower decks and called out to his staffer, "... and while you're in my cabin fetching my coat and waistcoat, please bring me my brown corduroy trousers..."