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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Oct 6, 2011.

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    I know we are truly blessed to even have an MA waiver for difficult child and it is a really high amount. But once you make the plan it is hard to adjust because we dont use it for silly things. I just got a message that with the budget settlement in the state, all waivers were reduced so I have to decide where to take out 600 dollars. I had to take it out of our Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) budget. Luckily they haven't been able to hire for one of the days where someone quit long ago and that has left some funds sitting there. I know it is a small problem compared to those who have no outside help but it is such a sad trend.
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    You are right. That seems to be one of the problems in Minnesota. Money is cut from schools and from those programs that serve the most people. It is very sad. Our school district is kind of the same way. A few years ago a referrendum for more per pupil money, causing increased property taxes, did not pass the public vote. The SD cut bus service to anyone that was inside a 2 mile radius (legally they HAVE to bus anyone outside that radius) of the school building. The problem is, the school is on the very far edge of town so that meant a LOT of kids. They put the SAME referrendum up for another vote 4 months later and it passed. I sometimes have to wonder about government officials too.

    Good luck.