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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by klmno, Sep 30, 2008.

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    I'm reading through difficult child's iep and will sign it to extend it a few more weeks, since the case manager is convinced that it "expires". It's the same as what we already had in place but I have stressed that I'm only willing to wait a couple of more weeks for a meeting.

    Anyway, I was looking at the section with a lot of questions about if something is refused. Two years ago I did disagree with something and they documented it in that section, so I signed the iep. Should I have signed it if they document my disagreement? If it happens in the future, what steps are supposed to be taken in that situation? If I sign it, does that mean I'm allowing them to proceed even though I disagree or does that mean I'm signing to confirm that this is accurate (including my refusal of an accommodation or my disagreement)? Should I not sign, then reschedule another meeting?
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    wow that's a great question, i wish i had an answer for you..........but i'll wait and see the responses you get!!

    good luck, always so much fun huh..?? NOT!!

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    As far as I know there is no requirement for parents to sign the IEP. Signatures really only mean that these people participated in developing the IEP. I think you did the right thing by signing it after your disagreement was noted. But this shouldn't necessarily be the end of the matter...

    In the future if this happens again I would sign and document your disagreement and request another IEP meeting to resolve the issues you disagree with. by the way, if the school and a parent disagree about something huge (like change in placement...) then the child will stay in his/her current placement until the issue is resolved.

    I think others will chime in with their thoughts but that's my 2cents