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    Have most of you noticed those surveys printed at the bottom of the register receipts in places?

    Mom got one from our lunch at Marie Callendar's yesterday. She gave it to me to do.

    I did the survey. I only mentioned SOME of the things that were wrong. WHY??? B//c bad things on those surveys can cost the general mgr large amounts of $$ in bonuses. Right now who can afford to lose that $$

    I still wanted to let the restaurant know. So I CALLED and talked to the GM. (Hint for those who haven't worked in restaurants - GMs of chain restaurants are generally NOT there on Mondays.) He was VERY appreciative of my call. He volunteered a free pie voucher (I didn't ask, wanted to see what he would do). I realize a free pie is not "a lot" for the restaurant, but I will enjoy it with my family.

    So I got the Lemon meringue or Apple Pie from the survey (I DID tell the mgr I had the thingy for that also). AND I got another FREE PIE!!

    So, if you have problems that are serious, doing the survey and telling all the things that bother you is fine. problem deserved. BUT, if you are middle of the road, and leave out some of the smaller things, and then CALL, you will get more compensation for the problems (and we really DID have problems), and you will have helped the GM's family also.
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    Susie thats good to know. And do you know I don't ever even look at the receipts that closely. And there have been several times when I'd love to had such a survey. I always do the one for the waitress. I usually give glowing reports for anyone who doesn't mess up things major. I figure if they get raises or something that way, then I want to help them out. Waitressing is not an easy job.

    I'll be watching for those surveys from now on. :D

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    Yeah, I give awesome reports on waitresses usually. Ours yesterday was a horror. BUT part of the problem may have been the kitchen. Often bad waitressing is a result of the kitchen not doing their part OR the hostess seating a server too frequently. So it is not all the waiter's fault usually.

    Watch for those register receipts surveys. Walmart and many stores just have drawings. I don't often do those, odds are just too bad that you will win. But for a specific reward (one grocery store gives you a loaf of french bread from the bakery - I love that one) I will usually do the survey. Even though I can buy the bread for $1.79, it still means a free $1.79, which is better than many coupons out there.
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    From spending so many years in retail management, I know that people rarely tell the manager when they're happy. If the waiter/waitress is really good, I ask for the manager to come to the table so I can tell them how great that person was and how much we enjoyed ourselves.
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    You know what else you can do even if they dont give surveys? Call corporate.

    I have done this several times for both good and bad service.

    We have a Shoneys restaurant here that I used to eat at quite a bit. I liked this place because I could take a book in, get a sandwich and sit and read. Well one evening I went in after the dinner rush and I was maybe one of only 5 people in the whole place. The staff outnumbered the customers. It took them 5 minutes to even greet me. Then they sat me down and took another 10 minutes to even come take my order. Ok...not a huge deal. I had my book. Then it was another 10 minutes before my drink came. I was getting annoyed. I could see the staff sitting about 5 booths up from me smoking since I was in the smoking section. They still had only taken my drink order. By the time my drink came and she took my sandwich order I had been in this place a good 25 minutes! It took them forever to get my sandwich to me and they completely forgot my dessert.

    I called Corporate on them the next day. I had read the name tag of the person who checked me out and gave them that name. I also had the time so they knew who was manager on duty. To say they werent happy was an understatement. I got a coupon in the mail for a complimentary dinner for two.

    I have also called to tell corporate about how nice the people are at my local McDonalds and what a good job they have done. Now unfortunately I think I am gonna have to call and change that opinion. They seem to be slacking off.
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    There's a Marie Callendar's RESTAURANT????!!!!!!!
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    Oh, yeah, there are a bunch of marie callendar restaurants. It is a chain.

    I got my free pie today. YUMMY lemon meringue. Had to spend $20, so I had the chicken broccoli fettucine with the soup and salad bar, and bought a chocolate silk pie.

    So I now have 2 pies, a TON of leftovers (well, I did, but I gave them to husband - he had a rough day at work) including 3/4 of the fettucine dish and a HUGE salad (the waitress told me to get a really big one and she would get me 2 take-out containers for salad and one for the pasta.

    I only got a salad big enough for one container. Didn't want to take advantage. I also brought home their amazing cornbread because i just couldn't eat it all!

    Here is the link to their restaurants:

    Guess what came with my receipt?

    Another survey with the same deal for a pie! But only 1 household per month can do it. Anyone here go to marie Callandars to eat frequently? Or want to PM me, have me do the survey and ship the receipt off to you in an envelope so you can go eat there and get a free pie with a $20 purchase? You get either an apple pie or a lemon meringue pie for free. Can be with a take-out order, or just bakery purchases. Right now a whole pie (excluding fruit pies and cheesecake) is $6.99 plus 60 cents for the tin. And they have a great bakery!!
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