Regressive behavior in aspergers

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Crystal72, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Crystal72

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    My 11 years old difficult child 1 has been discharged from psychiatric hospital for a week now. Everything was good although a few issue of oppositional and compulsive behavior but I was able to keep in under control even though it was stressful.

    But his regression never go away. I understand that regression behavior is common in asperger but it just keep getting worst. I am constantly having a almost 12 years old talking in a baby tone ( whether he is happy or depressed) and wanted attention so badly. I feel I have to be constantly there.

    Today is a rain day. Although I am not sure if it's anything related. Out off the blue he was sitting outside the house under the rain with the poor dog soaking wet. And got really angry when I told him to come in. I tried to talk to him to find out what was bothering him but he just refuses to talk and distant himself away but constantly attacking his sister. Like tearing paper and threw it on her, deliberately shoving her when passing her by. I made him pick up the paper pieces and he started crawling on the kitchen floor with his head on thE floor!!!!

    Then he started crying and howling ....I was so stressed cos I have a fractured hand..

    Anyone knows anything like this?
  2. SomewhereOutThere

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    What is disruptive disorder not otherwise specified? Never heard of it. What are the symptoms? I am thinking it is his mental illnesses, more than the Aspergers causing his sadness and anger. Is he on any new medication or have his medications been increased? medications are the first thing I look for when a new behavior shows up, such as regression.

    Hugs and keep us posted.
  3. HaoZi

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    Weather can definitely affect them. Giving dedicated time to them helps, too. Something like "I can't right now, but at X time, we can sit down and play (whatever, board games are good because they're self-limiting in time outside of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit). We can even play sooner if you'll entertain yourself in the meantime so I can get X done faster."

    I only have the one kid, so other than finding a way to separate them I don't have suggestions on that front.
  4. Crystal72

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    I was thinking dissociation? It doesn't seems like he enjoys doing that.

    He is calm now. He says he is frustrated cos he has math work that he doesn't understand. I encouraged him to use his words rather than dealing it with behavior.

    Sometimes I feel sorry for him cos we couldn't get services for his disability.
  5. buddy

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    crystal, you had them stop the adderal xr but did you go back to the short acting? or was he never on the short acting. Do you think that is part of the problem?
  6. lovelyboy

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    My son won't sit in the anxious about the thunder......but the regression, anger , depression and crying...I get those with my son to...
    When you said he worries about the maths...Yip...this is the type of things that will set my son of!
    Well done mommy for getting to the root of the problem!
    what calms my son down in any of these types of stressors is to gently tell him that me, him and teacher are a team and that we will solve the problem together....this makes the lonely isolated feeling less....then really try and help him understand the work and help him step by step with the maths and let him know you will help him next time again. something fun!
  7. Crystal72

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    The psychiatric hospital rule out ADHD!!! That's why he is only on Zoloft for anxiety.
  8. TerryJ2

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    So sorry about your hand, Crystal. That would make me short tempered too!

    My son has math anxiety issues, too. Tuturing after school really helps. Yesterday he and a bunch of friends ran 3/4 mi in the rain and thunder to our house. They kept changing their plans ... his house, our house, bus, car, walk ... drove me nuts. They all came in, soaking wet, I gave them towels and difficult child was a brat. So much so, that his friends started in with "If I talked to my mom like that, she would have shoved her shoe up my ..." They ramp him up, but they call him out, too. :)

    Best of luck. I'm guessing things will be better today.
  9. Crystal72

    Crystal72 New Member

    He is a perfectionist so he is not going to tolerate a B in his report card due to him missing classes when he was in psychiatric hospital. He says math teacher doesn't like him. I asked why and he says cos he couldn't stop talking in class. I told him other kids need to pay attention too. And I encourage him to ask teacher for help after school but teacher is not able to accommodate his time cos he had to stay back tue and thur for science olympiah. I told him to try talking to the teacher and if it's still not working, mommy will talk to principal.
    That kind of calm him down.
    Then he came to ask him why animals can't take test? I say why? He says cos there are cheetah! Meaning cheaters!!! LOL
  10. Crystal72

    Crystal72 New Member

    My difficult child 1 doesn't have friend though. He always say he has a lot of friends in school but we never had one visitor or a call
  11. buddy

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    Sorry, I did remember that, but was asking if you had ever felt a short acting form had helped him? People dont have to have adhd as a diagnosis to take those medications if they work. For some people, if it is a frontal lobe reason for any symptoms similar to that then medications may help. If he doesn't have issues with adhd-like (not actual adhd) symptoms then ignore... I was asking becasue I was wondering about his talking too much in class, and if that is an impulse control issue. Can just be his Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/aspergers issue not having the perspective of when to talk in class and when not to. Did the psychiatric hospital have the school do a conners or adhd quesionairre along with you and son at that time? (that is just a curiousity question, wondering how in a few days on a medication that was making him aggressive/anxious they could determine anything for the long run... if they didnt look at all environments under more typical physical baseline conditions). Your kids are certainly puzzles and you and I have talked lots, so I really hear that you are not getting enough medical/therapeutic/respite support. Yet you check out every single resource and plug along. Your family is blessed to have you. You know, my friend, you are very much in my thoughts and heart.
  12. Methuselah

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    Hi Crystal. I can't relate to the weather issues, but I can to the baby talk. My difficult child 2, who will be 15 next week, will start to talk like a five year old in a sing-songy voice. It is intentional for attention. If she really wants attention, she will even walk like a five year old. :-/ The second you tell her to knock it off, she does. She will then talk in her normal voice, etc. I don't understand it. I never have. I ask her why she does it, and she says she isn't aware she is doing it until she's called on it. We have had a thousand talks about negative vs. positive attention; how a people don't perceive a 14 year old acting like a 5 year old cute just weird. Doesn't matter. It is her go-to move.
  13. buddy

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    We have almost the same line at our house.... he uses "cool" (it makes me look cool) which he knows it doesn't but it his defenses talking. We too have had tons of talks about how other kids do not think it is cool (or funny---but mom they laugh--then we need to talk about laugh AT you instead of with you) but it is just weird.

    He uses preschool / K behavior so much of the time.