Regular Seroquel to Seroquel XR

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by smallworld, Apr 29, 2009.

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    My son J has been on 600 mg regular Seroquel since January 2008. It has helped tremendously with anxiety, depression, sleep issues and general mood stabilization.

    He goes to bed every night between 10 and 11 pm and needs to wake up at 6 am to catch his school bus at 6:30 am. His high school day begins at 7:25 am. When husband and I met with school administrators last week, we learned that his teachers have been complaining that J sleeps heavily during his first and second period classes. In response, his psychiatrist decided to switch J to 600 mg Seroquel XR last Friday to see if his alertness would improve.

    Today we received glowing reports that J was awake, alert, participating in class and completing his work -- a first in many weeks. That would be all well and good, except . . .

    J went to see his psychiatrist late this afternoon and was expansive, chatty and goofy. As we were leaving, his psychiatrist said to watch J's sleep patterns because he saw some hypomania peeking through. J told husband this evening that he has felt "wide awake" all day, and he even woke up at 4:30 am and 5:30 am before I woke him at 6 am.:surprise:

    Anyone else experience something similar?
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    Seroquel XR just didn't help my difficult child like the regular release did. I've noticed it takes a while for the sleepy effects to kick in for him, though. He's 10, and he takes it at 6:30 to go to bed around 8pm. Maybe you could have your son take it earlier and get to bed earlier?
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    Wish I could help!

    Just sending support!
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    No, we still have the problem with sedation in the morning, but we also suspect difficult child 2 may need to have his PM dose lowered. Then again, I've got the difficult child that has to take this medication twice a day, so I should probably just hush up!

    That does seem strange that the same dosage of the XR is not giving him as good of coverage as the regular release. You're sure he took it all?
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    I am experiencing some hypomania myself but I havent switched to the XR. I have noticed myself going to sleep a bit earlier and waking up earlier. Not normal for me. But I am also cycling through the day much more frequently too. I am supposed to bump the seroquel up 50 if this lasts too much longer.