Rehab programs in California?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. PatriotsGirl

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    My difficult child called last night and again today about going to rehab - finally. She does not want to stay in Georgia to do it, though. She wants to go out of state. She claims she has a friend that recently moved to California and told her that he would fly her out there if she really wanted to get clean and sober. So she asked me to check on programs out there. I am not getting my hopes up, because heaven knows I have before many times and was only let down. But, I do want to help just in case she might finally be ready....

    Anyone have any experience out there? Thanks!!!
  2. Kathy813

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    I don't know anything about rehab programs in California but I do think it is a good idea for your difficult child to get away from her druggie friends. I wish mine had been willing to go out of state.

    Please remember that we can't recommend specific rehab programs on the CD board but anyone with information can PM you with details.

  3. PatriotsGirl

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    Yes, I know. :)

    It has all taken me by surprise. I haven't heard a word from her in weeks and then she called out of the blue saying she is thinking about going to rehab. She actually called Salvation Army today, but found they didn't have any funding and weren't accepting anyone. But hey - she made a call! She commented on how they are all so expensive. I told her we do have insurance and that we would help if she was serious. I know for a fact that my in-laws would pay for it in a heartbeat if she finally agreed to get help. Like I said, not getting my hopes up for sure....we will see what comes out of it all...
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    Well they advertise them on TV here all the time in CA. Also look on Dr Phil's website. You guys must think I get a kickback from I dont. I would also check out the Intervention TV show website to see who they use. Lots of theirs are in CA. Also there is a 1800 number you can call about substance abuse that could possibly help. It probably scrolls on here from time to time.
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    I live in Alabama. If you should decide you want to send her closer to home, PM me if you want to know about centers here as well as a couple in GA. I have learned a lot from my situation and from alanon friends. My son is finishing treatment this week (99 days) at an Alabama facility which I highly recommend.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you - I offered her Florida and she was fixated on California for some reason. BUT, as I knew not to, I didn't and do not have my hopes up. It is good that she is thinking about it. Maybe she is finally getting tired of this life. But it is her decision to make. Not mine. I am so healthily detached lately, I am actually proud of myself.

    Right now, she is in South Carolina (no idea why, with who or for how long) and she and the A hole broke up again. She posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding a fish she caught and seemed really proud of herself. It was a decent sized fish. :)

    I know she has to be back by July 23rd for court but hopefully she is taking a nice, healthy break in South Carolina.

    Turns out she was not bit by a spider as earlier thought - it was the staph infection. She broke out with another one on her leg and went to the ER where they cut the infection out. Didn't sedate her or anything this time. I told her it was because she is a drug addict - they are not going to give her anything...

    So, that is my update. Not much, but I know all I need to. Work has been absolutely insane for me and I am working 16 hour days most days just to keep afloat. It is BS to be quite frank and I am getting burnt out quick. They have promised help for me, but my company is famous for placating and putting off as long as they can. Something needs to give. While I am working from home almost all of the time now, all I do is work and it is not fun. :(

    Think of you all all of the time and wish I had more time to read and post....hopefully soon....
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    PG-I must have missed it-is your daughter pregnant? Or was it a false alarm?
  8. PatriotsGirl

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    Sounds crazy but I don't know....I am thinking it may have been a false alarm, but she isn't exactly free flowing in the thinking is that she is not (praise God!!!!)
  9. exhausted

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    Hang in there PG. I hope she is safe and I hope she does ask for help again and you are able to send her somewhere good. :)
  10. DammitJanet

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    If she is the Carolina's, you know you can always try to get her location and I can play detective for you.
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    Thanks Janet :)

    She is back in Georgia...

    She posted on her Facebook page on Friday night that even a rehabilitation program seems impossible. She called me the next day and I asked her if she was looking for a prgram and she says not at the I dropped it. No idea what is in her head but I know that A hole has a lot of influence on her. She had called on Saturday to ensure she didn't miss Father's Day. Sure enough on Sunday, she called while we were on the golf course to wish husband a happy Father's day. So, that was really nice and he seemed thrilled to get a phone call. :)

    But she isn't telling me anything and I am not asking anymore. At least rehab is a thought in her head and that is a step in the positive direction... :)
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    I'm glad she checked in. I so admire your ability to detach yet still be available. She's lucky to have you!!
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    It sounds so completely selfish, but I had to. My job is so unbelievably demanding right now and so the precious little time I have left to myself, I want to enjoy, not spend adopting difficult children troubles. That has never gotten either of us anywhere. I love her with my whole heart and I always will, but she needs to figure out her life. I can't do it for her. Took a long time to get to this place, believe me...but now that I am here, I have no desire to leave. :)
  14. DaisyFace

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    I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything - but I think if she was really serious about rehab, she would find one close to home.

    FWIW, I am basing this opinion on my drug addict brother in law....who is CONSTANTLY talking about how he could recover if only he moved to A, B, or C. And he has! He's moved all over the country claiming the need to get away from "druggie friends" or find a bigger city with "better resources" or a "healthier environment"....and it's the same old story everywhere he goes. He quickly hooks up with the same types of people....gets into the same types of problems....and then starts all over again in the name of "starting fresh". It's the same old drug-addict bs...I can't get clean until I find a new town....or new people....or new whatever.