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    The place that difficult child goes to for drug and alcohol classes is doing the referral for a rehab program for difficult child. I found out the place they are trying to put her in is in Massachusetts (my goodness we were just there!!) and it is a year long. Isn't that kind of long? I cannot see her committing to a program that long though I think she has run out of other options.
    For a plan B, if we couldn't find a residential program, I was going to sign her up for intensive outpatient - meaning I would drop her off Monday through Friday and she would be there from 8:00 am to 4:30pm. I think she would fare better doing a residential program so she can get on the right medications and all but a year kind of took me back a bit. Has any one heard of a program that long?
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    In my experince that could be effrective. My daughter was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for 3.5 months, honeymooned the whole time (never rally showed her true behaviors). I think a year would really give more itme to get at the patterns, do coping skills,etc. I know the local durg rehab is abouat that long. I think there are mostly short erm programs becsue of costs but I always flet my daughter needed/needs long term support. As long as she stays out of criminal justice system, is not excessively using illegal substances, she is doing comminity outpatient services (p-doctor montly, behavior analsyt weekly).
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    I think a year long program not too long at all. difficult child's program was 60-90 days inpatient and many of the residents are then referred to a sober house for up to two years. It really takes that long to make the kind of changes needed to live a sober life and give up the contacts and patterns left behind. My difficult child was inpatient for 60 days and intensive outpatient for another 45 days and she was out a week and relapsed. If we had been offered a year program we would have jumped at it, but we could not have afforded it financially. In my opinion intensive outpatient in lieu of inpatient is not very effective. Most of the people there have been court ordered and go through the motions just to get off probation or their license back. difficult child started out in an intensive outpatient program and it was a joke. They need to be completely immersed in the sober living environment and you can't do that M-F 8-5.

    I hope she considers this opportunity.

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    Well I picked her up on the premise she would be on her best behavior while here and that when they called that the rehab was ready, she either go or go back to living the way she was. She looked good - thank heavens. She is still not pale and grey and I made sure to check her pupils and they were not large (note to parents, big pupils are a sign of meth). Maybe she is clean, but a year would do her good regardless. I told her to think of it as a vacation - a year where it is all about you. She is still threw a little of a hissy that it is that long, but it is that or homelessness. (Well, she hasn't had it that bad, somehow she was staying in hotels for the past week.) I told her she certainly didn't have to go. No one was forcing her. But if she chose not to, she wouldn't be living here. I am standing firm. This would be the best thing for her. And she will be 18 when she gets out - a great way to begin the rest of your life. She was concerned she would go and not be living here after because we said she was out at 18, but we told her if she takes the time, completes the program and comes back here ready to do something with her life that she could live here and we would support that.
    We have an appointment on Thursday morning to go fill out the paperwork. I do believe the program is funded with state funds, so I don't think we have to come out of pocket for anything. He had explained to me before that there was scholarship money that pays for it. If she goes through with this, it will be one heck of a Christmas present to not only us, but to herself.
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    Amen to that Patriot'sGirl. It is a gift.

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    What an awesome opportunity! She is the right age to embrace independent living. Most easy child's head off to college about that age and explore their individuality. She will have the chance to do the same while focusing on the most important aspects of her future...herself! I'm a "little bit green" as our easy child/difficult child probably would have been able to turn himself around if he hadan extended opportunity to face his issues away from peers and family. Our programs were short. He did learn something about heavy duty drug dangers which I think he will retain as a valued lesson Occupational Therapist (OT) to move on to harder drugs but we no longer see a light at the end of the tunnel. What a waste of an originally outstanding young man.

    I can't even tell you how genuinely thrilled I am that your child will have this opportunity and how much I pray that she goes for it. Many hugs. DDD
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    And DDD means it. She is a selfless cheerleader to all our difficult child's who are fighting this battle. I almost in her position righ tnow, there is just a glimmer of light, but not much. But what hope this lady has given me and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

    I too hope that your difficult child takes this opportunity and can turn her life around. If one young life can be saved what hope there is for all of us. And she can be a big inspiration to other young people.

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    I agree with others I hope she takes this opportunity. From what i understand the longer the program, the more chance of real recovery. I got a great email from my sons therapist today and he is doing really well, and is making some real progress. He has been in rehab now for 65 days. (I just counted). So it took awhile for him to really turn a corner. He is also planning to stay down there longer in a halfway house. So I think a program that is a year is a good thing... and even better if she goes voluntarily (ok sort of in that she may not feel she has another living option, but it is still her choice).
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    She is currently showering to get ready for our appointment to fill out the paperwork. Good sign. I do have her back on her antidepressants and I have to watch her take them like a nurse - I make her lift her tongue and all. Day three and she is at least getting a little easier to deal with. I'll know more today about the program but I am excited for her even if she isn't.