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    Hello all. I do not post in this forum anymore because my difficult child's are all grown up now and I now post in PE.

    Recently I began studying Reiki and am wondering if any of the parents here have tried it on their difficult child's. I will be opening my own practice in a year or so and wondered if anyone had used this as a complimentary treatment on thier child with good results. I have given Reiki to many people all adults in the clinic I work at and all claim to feel very calm after a session. I have given Reiki to my grandkids and they love it and their mother reports they are more focused and calm after a session. So, I have been thinking that maybe it could be something that could compliment the tradition treatments for all the many disorders our difficult child's suffer from. If anyone has used Reiki on thier children or themselves I would love to hear of your experiences. I am thinking tha tif the results were good on the ADHD and ODD disorders I would want to offer my services to parents like us through my practice.
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    I think any positive experience can help, whether one believes it is a placebo or truly believes...
    My Adopted Dad is a Reiki Practitioner and heals people of all types. He has lots of older clients who have Mental Illness and other disorders such as ADHD. He has been practicing for over 10 years.
    The way I look at it is, my adopted Father was, abusive, a drug addict, raised in a conservative unhappy household with that mentality(his father was an abusive military type). Suffered from severe PTSD from Vietnam. Was very anti-hippy...just plain angry at the world...

    He is now a very gentle and caring person. I have re-connected and forgiven him due to this. I think and truly believe most of his changes have been due to his exploring Reiki and all of the things this encompasses.
    K has had Cranio-Sacral therapy a bunch and it leaves her very calm and centered.
    I think it can help kids... maybe not cure? I spent tonight rubbing an electric massager on K's and N's feet tonight to help calm them. It helped and they went to bed.

    I think it is great what you are doing. Any exploration of ourselves and helping others is wonderful.